Nick Vertucci, Creating Something Beautiful

Nick Vertucci did not grow up into his stages of human development with a silver spoon in his mouth, nor was he born with a heritage into a wealthy family who have already achieved their goals of financial freedom. His basic expectations in life consisted of both of his parents struggling to put bread on the table to feed their children and to pay what was due during that month cycle when the financial red line was all too normal to look at. His upbringing did not settle well within him as his only father by family blood died when Nick Vertucci was too young at 10 years of age.

The unexpected incident was of course cumbersome for the family, and from then on out he always kept his fathers loving memory in his heart. The years thereafter had solemnly formed bandages over the mental grief which perplexed the family in the past, and eight years later Nick Vertucci at his eighteenth year of life had created something beautiful. His own business which followed the trends that the dot com prices and the internet bust took on during those fertile years when mass hysteria broke out about who could buy at the lowest prices made for the perfect opportunity to get into the evolution of things and to begin the journey of the venture capitalist.

The path Nick Vertucci chose was a good one and his business of repairing and installing computer systems ended up fishing in consistent and stable sums of cash flow which he then moved to the dot com stocks. He however did not bring in the ROIs former investors were expecting dot com to produce by pulling back and then bouncing back up due to support levels and moving averages. No, the company was a bit of a hoax when referring to the actual constructs which proved to be scarce inside the confines of dot com which therefore led to its demise. But even when the events that ensued Nick Vertucci took place, he fought for the top and won like a champion and made himself a winner while the past events only made him smarter and stronger as a successful and brilliant venture capitalist.