FreedomPop Is Still Very Popular Because Of Their Free Cell Phone Plan

Besides having free services, one of the biggest things that make FreedomPop differ from other wireless providers is the fact that they have no contracts, no hidden fees, and there are no penalties for cancelling their services. Many people have been hit with all kinds of fees for ending their service early, even if they are not under contract, which is what makes FreedomPop an ideal company for those who are tired of fees as well as contracts. FreedomPop also has low prices as well as free services that are great for anyone who is trying to balance their budget each month but still want cell phone service.


Having cell phone service is great, especially if it’s free, but having Internet service that’s free as well is even better. FreedomPop offers so many options that allow a person to have both cell phone and Internet services, so every customer can be accommodated. Those who are interested in the free service should take a look at just about any FreedomPop review because they all tend to have information about the free service because it’s a very popular service. The free cell phone service may not be for everyone, but everyone can get the free service.


With no income level being required to get the free service, anyone can sign up for the service and can use it for up to a year. The free service is usable on any Sprint phone that’s transferred to FreedomPop as well as many GSM phones that takes sim cards. Even some standard sim card phones can be used on FreedomPop, so those who don’t have a smartphone don’t have to feel pressured into buying one. Anyone who wants to buy a smartphone can get it from a retailer that has FreedomPop services.


FreedomPop also sells many kinds of phones on their website, and the website also offers the sim card that’s necessary for GSM service. After getting a phone that’s compatible with FreedomPop as well as the sim card, the customer can choose from one of the many plans that FreedomPop has available for their cell phone service. Anyone not getting the free cell phone plan can always choose the paid plan for $10.99 with unlimited talk and text and 500 MB of data. Choosing the unlimited everything plan will give the user unlimited data on top of the unlimited talk and text for only $19.99.