The Brown Agency Blends Theatrics and Commercial Modeling to Create an Innovative Brand

Thanks to Wilhelmina Austin’s acquisition of Heyman Talent-South back in 2015, the Brown Agency has become the number one fashion and print modeling agency in the Austin area. At the time of the acquisition, the two agency giants combined forces under a new name, The Brown Agency–likely named after Wilhelmina Austin owner, Justin Brown, who oversaw Wilhelmina Austin since it’s implementation in 2010.


Brown Agency initially made the decision to set up shop in Austin, because the area was a relatively untapped market of models and designers. The area was a hub for up and coming designers at the time.


Justin Brown is no stranger to fashion. He paid his way through college by modeling and working for an agency. In college, he studied business management. After college Brown worked a modeling trainer and agent. This level of support has carried through to today, as The Brown Agency prides itself on the high-quality of training and coaching they provide for their clients.


Under the Brown Agency, the founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael Bonnee now operates as the Brown Agency’s theatrical agent. Bonnee said in an interview that Heyman was operating successfully in the theatrical niche, while Wilhelmina veered toward the commercial side. Blending these elements together has allowed the Brown Agency to become relatively innovative within the fashion and talent scene.


Just one look at The Brown Agency’s Instagram page paints a stunningly sophisticated and highly professional looking portfolio. It’s clear that Brown’s lineup of models are quite skilled in their craft. Their poses are poised yet relaxed; their expressions look as natural as can be. Much of this can obviously be attributed to the Agency’s commitment to talent-development. Check out their website



Today, The Brown Agency represents models who work for impressive brands such as Dell, Toyota, Loreal and Louis Vuitton. They hold open calls every Thursday from 3-4pm at their Austin-based headquarters. Anyone who is interested in attending an open call session simply needs to bring their resume and some photos. Professional photos are not necessary for the open calls, according to The Brown Agency website.



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