Growth Track with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers

Since achieving their breakthrough in 2014 with their song #Selfie, The Chainsmokers have kept their eyes on the horizon. From figuring out who they are to ever-developing and refining their style, The Chainsmokers keep taking strides to find their truest sound.

In an interview with Mathias Rosenzweig for Interview Magazine, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart go into detail about the amount of effort and sacrifice they had to put in, in order to grow and form what they have today.

Going back to the basics, Rosenzweig asks a bit about the band’s background; how they met and how they came to the decision to move forward from that point. Both Pall and Taggart revealed that they had a love for EDM growing up, perhaps even before others in their social spheres really gave it a chance. Pall had a DJ thing going on on the side, playing at events around the New York City scene, while Taggart focused more on producing and even released a few songs on SoundCloud. Either way, both saw a path to pursue their music. Having met through a mutual acquaintance, Pall and Taggart immediately hit it off and focused on meeting each other’s stride for their sound.

Rosenzweig then inquires about their difficulties in standing out in mainstream music, all the while admiring their uniqueness for singing their own vocals. Taggart admits that being unique as DJs, in and of itself can be hard, since so much of mainstream music these days is similar. Their focus was on defining their sound to stand out amongst all the rest, so they merged indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop. Pall revealed that their decision to sing their own lyrics was honestly very straightforward. Why shouldn’t they? That alone separates them from typical DJs.

Concluding the interview, Rosenzweig’s closing questions call for their future plans. The DJ duo explain that over time their sound has been evolving, while their audience has expanded. For this reason, they hope to go beyond just performing their songs. They ultimately want to keep “pushing new boundaries and giving people new experiences.”


Ms. Martinez’s Life in the Competitive Music Community

Norka Martinez Luque is a household name in the Latino music Industry. This beautiful songbird believes that everything is possible through hope, hard work and determination. She is currently pushing her limits to break into the mainstream pop music industry. In the previous years, we have seen the likes of Shakira and Jenifer Lopez become international stars despite being Latinos.

Ms. Martinez has been able to engage international listeners by producing her songs in English. “Miracle” is a good example of a song that she did in English. This song received massive airplay within the United States as well as other non-Spanish speaking countries. She has also been able to attract an international audience through her motivational and socially conscious lyrics.

She composes songs that inspire her fans to pursue their dreams regardless of the challenges they are facing. Her smooth and unique voice has also contributed to her international fame. Ms. Martinez came into the spotlight four years ago with her track “Milagro” (Miracle in English). The track was all about pushing on and never giving up.

“Milagro” featured in major music charts across the United States and Latin American nations. Norka Martinez Luque recently released another single titled “Tomorrowland.” This single act as a continuation of what she started, giving the masses hope through music.

About Ms. Martinez

Most of Norka Luque’s fans think that she was born in the vibrant Miami city. However, the truth is that she was born in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital city. She recognized her love for singing when she was only eight years old. Ms.Martinez had supportive parents who supported her artistic talent unconditionally. They encouraged her and paid for her instrument, dance and singing lessons. The support she received from her parents helped in shaping her career.

Academic excellence

Her parents sent her to France shortly after she completed high school education. Her main intention of traveling abroad was to continue her studies. She enrolled in a French business school and majored in Business Administration. After four years, her hard work finally paid off. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration (BA).

The beautiful Venezuelan singer moved to the small city-state of Monaco immediately after her graduation. She landed a position in the banking sector. However, she soon got bored with the job. Norka realized that she did not have the room to put her creative ideas into action.

Relocating to the United States

She quit her current job and relocated to the United States. She settled in Miami, Florida. This is where she began her journey as a professional singer. Her major break came when she met Emilio Estefan Jr. Follow her on Facebook to more about her.

Remembering Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes has it all when it comes to impersonating the ‘King of Pop” and people are taking notice. He looks just like the missed pop superstar and has all the moves to match. Cortes came into this world in Barcelona and has been a fan of Michael Jackson since he saw him on tv with the Jackson 5. He began his journey of imitating the man that he loved and looked up to from an early age.

Sergio is attracting a great deal of attention from man and woman all over the world, Cortes is considered the perfect impersonator of Michael Jackson. Many people have aimed to impersonate Jackson, but very few can do it. Cortes has got the tone of voice, looks, and persona that reflect Jackson.

The King of Pop created great songs and inspired fans across the world but had also been famous for his eccentricities. His style is special and exceptional, not only in dancing but also in his gestures, speech and clothing too. Sergio Cortes is really well-liked since he has nailed down those quirks and gestures flawlessly.

Sergio Cortes has been able to observe Jackson and see everything he’s accomplished throughout his career. The constant perfectionist that Jackson was shimmers through in Sergio Cortes. He appreciates that Jackson was someone who practiced constantly so he does exactly the same thing. He makes certain that his stage performance is spectacular.

Sergio Cortes is breathtaking as a Michael Jackson impersonator.

He’s been able to give fans of Jackson a great deal of great memories among the finest in the business. He offers Jackson in an excellent way that enables lots of people to really understand what Michael Jackson was exactly about.

Sergio Cortes has achieved that peak of performance. As being the best Michael Jackson impersonator in Brazil, probably the entire world, he’s delighting countless numbers of people with his amazing talents. Several impersonators are limited to copying a physical appearance and perhaps including a couple of moves or mimicking their talking voice. The thing that makes Cortes one of a kind is that he’s the total package.

Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes generates a Michael Jackson live concert experience unlike any other. Sergio looks pretty much exactly like Michael, but the best thing about Sergio’s performances is his gift to perform like Michael. MJ was a showman with his dance movements, vocal range and theatrics. Sergio does the same with his outstanding natural abilities.