Still In The Game

In the age of technology, there really is no reason to rent a video or even use Netflix anymore. Netflix was hit hard by this and was determined to get back up to speed. With the addition of a machine to count the returns of rented flicks instead of actual human beings, Netflix has been able to expand to even more countries as they are able to send returned videos out to other customers faster and more efficiently than before. Interestingly, Netflix is now counting more than 3,400 discs per hour with the addition of the new machines, which is five times faster than when counted manually by employees.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Netflix is fully aware of the competition they face with people being able to stream movies online, which cancels out the need to rent through them. On the plus side, many people who live in areas so rural that having a stable internet connection is next to impossible, need Netflix to watch the newest releases without leaving home. Thus, Netflix has seen an influx of new customers signing up.

Though this does not mean that one day Netflix won’t need to totally change their game plan, but for now, they are happy with what they have achieved and hope to accomplish in the future.