Brad Reifler Speaks Out on Wall Street’s Flaws

According to Brad Reifler many small investors face very similar problems. While he admits that about 1 percent are making huge amounts of money on Wall Street, the other 99 percent are having marginal success.


Most financial investment firms charge exorbitant fees that often block smaller investors out of the market. New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli found that Wall Street brokers make an average of five times what employees in other industries make. Brad points out that many brokers make large bonuses even when their clients lose money. Brad Reifler believes that this is very wrong.

Access to investments

Brad also says that investors who have a net worth of less than $1 million dollars and who earned less than $400,000 in the last two years are blocked from many of the best investment opportunities.

Brad Reifler thinks it is very wrong that some investors are legally banned by the United States government from investing in private equity, hedge funds and other private investment funds.

Stock Market Correlation

While almost all investors make money when the stock market goes up, those who can participate in private investment funds, hedge funds and private equity are able to make money even when the stock market falls. On the other hand, smaller investors have a harder time making money when the stock market falls.

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