Learning From The Mistakes Rocketship Education President CEO

Rocketship Education is a group of charter schools that was founded in 2007. Coming out of the highly innovative Bay Area, he had envisioned for the school o become a leader in using technological devices and digital learning plans to stay ahead of other schools in low-income areas.

Preston Smith started his academic career in California, as a student himself. He became a teacher in 2001 in the city of San Jose, remaining at the school he first joined for three years, until 2004. It was at this point in time Preston Smith helped found an elementary school with help from other educators, parents, and community members. The school was titled LUCHA Elementary School, where Mr. Smith was a Founding Principal.

The school is still in operation today. After three years with LUCHA, Mr. Smith branches off to create Rocketship Education, which has proven largely successful so far.

Mr. Smith recommends that educators take several ideas into consideration, no matter what particular goal they’re trying to accomplish.

The teachers most ideal for Rocketship Education are willing to put in extra for students on a regular basis, rather than only engaging in what activity is normal for them. Some schools try to meet bottom lines, while Rocketship Education’s eighteen locations do everything they can to help the low-income families that send students to its many schools succeed in their academic and workplace careers.

Rocketship Education is still a pioneer in personalized education in today’s tech-advanced world. Making these lessons for students and actually teaching them in a timely manners is made possible through technological devices, although they only spend about thirty minutes each day on laptops and tablets.

RSED, as many people shorten its name to, is a leading public school with more than 3,800 students as of the Fall semester of 2017.