New Luxuries and Amenities Being Added to NYC Real Estate


When it comes to real estate, few things differentiate two apartments like location does, particularly in a big city like New York. NYC real estate can be difficult to price not only because of the role of location, but also due to the varying amenities that many buildings have. The amenities that are now being built into new units are quite different from those in older units and many are unique and unusual.


New amenities and luxuries are being built into many of the buildings that are now for sale or rent across the city. Luxury buildings are increasingly being fitted with pools, billiards rooms, extensive libraries, and even more unique amenities like art galleries and art studios. These amenities are not only limited to luxury buildings in Manhattan either. As up and coming spots like Brooklyn become more luxurious in nature, these amenities are being incorporated into buildings located in Brooklyn.


As an example, 360 Furmam Street in Brooklyn not only has a cardio exercise room but also a putting green and golf simulator in the building. 180 Franklin Ave has the aforementioned art studio. Brooklyn is currently adding more luxurious NYC real estate than it has traditionally had in the past.


Buying luxury NYC real estate can be challenging and requires the expertise of a real estate broker who is experienced in doing so. Town Residential Real Estate has such an expertise and focuses on the luxury real estate market for both buyers and sellers. Town Residential was also founded in NYC and their real estate professionals and management also reside in the local community and therefore are aware of the local market conditions.


Further, Town Residential releases a quarterly newsletter in which they provide analysis of market conditions regarding NYC apartments for rent. In one of their earlier newsletters, they indicated the increased demand for new development buildings and the impact that this had on prices. Since many of these amenities are being built into new development NYC real estate locations, understanding the local market can provide some real insight into how to bid for these units. An expert real estate broker like Town Residential can help you to get the desired amenities that you are looking for.