The Internet Stares Back: Deep Learning and AI Visual Search

The Internet is increasingly becoming more of a visual communication pipeline. Increasing universality of high-speed Internet access allows for pictures to become a main staple of most websites.

Originally detailed in MIT Techology Review, this shift in the Internet’s functionality calls for better ways to search for images. New advances have allowed for images and items to be found using only images. Both and the visual cataloging site, Pintrest, have implemented deep learning, which allows for image recognition and visual search similar to Google’s image search algorithm.

This allows a user or customer to select a part of an image and have the software discover a match. Utilizing this technology is Slyce, a program that allows users to find visual matches from the internet in a variety of ways. Scanning a bar code, taking a picture of a 2D magazine photo or taking a picture of a friend’s purse, are some of the ways one could find a visually matched item on the internet. Slyce can show the competing prices online of an item in a store or find an unknown shirt brand from Polaroid taken in the 70’s.

The possibilities of this new technology open up a more streamlined consumer experience that gives power to the consumer and challenges companies who do not embrace the new paradigm this technology beckons. The world looks different and now with deep learning technology, the Internet is no longer confined to text and word choice. Intuitive visual discovery is more pleasing, intelligent and will help consumers and producers find each other with greater accuracy.

Making the Best of Your SEO Keywords

The world today is very competitive, and everyone does their best to come out on top. The trend is no different on the internet either. The search engine marketing campaign is a wild one, and thus you have to ensure you get maximum results in your SEO strategy.
Keywords are an essential tool in developing SEOs. SEOs, in general, and the way the keywords are used help to classify your business. Besides this, they also target your preferred audience as well as dictate the content your website carries. However, search engines have evolved tremendously and so have the tactics used for SEOs.
Unlike in the past, keyword stuffing no longer bears results. Therefore, exactly how many keywords should one use? Foremost, you should include your keyword in the page title. This is crucial in giving the searchers information about your page. Also, use it in the main headline to ensure users find a matching topic on your landing page. Have the keyword in your context at least twice or thrice. Ensure you do not overuse the keywords and read through to ensure your content makes sense.
A few pointers that guarantee you an edge in SEO writing include proper keyword research. Having several but relevant keywords boost the effectiveness of your content. After the research, group your keywords into categories. Each category should serve a specific purpose. Go ahead and turn your keywords into titles. Also, ensure the use of synonyms. With the current advancements, search engines can understand keyword variations.
According to Israel Medina, the paradigm has shifted from keywords to search queries. Search engines are nowadays aligning more to intent than to specific words and their arrangements, a key factor that one should put in mind while writing an SEO. Following numerous searches, search engines have learnt, they understand and can now make a connection.
Some companies find it too hard to produce relevant SEO for themselves. The only alternative left is to outsource. Companies such as White Shark Media understand this predicament and provide such solutions.
White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency that provides tailor-made online marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. White Shark relies on a simple policy, which is providing a cost-effective world-class customer experience in search marketing. White Shark Media not only delivers but also tracks the clients marketing efforts, enabling them to assist even more in future. The success and prowess of the media company is evident by the numerous client testimonials testifying to this.

Source: White Shark Media Blog