Sanjay Shah Brings Two New Faces To The Board Of Trustees Of Autism Rocks

For those who don’t know who Sanjay Shah is, he is a prominent businessman and philanthropist. A surprising fact about him is the fact that he has one of the most brilliant minds in the world of business, yet he never went to any business school. As a matter of fact, Sanjay Shah went to medical school. However, after school, he opted to plunge into the financial world. He started off as a banker and worked for a number of banks such as the Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. His career as a banker was, however, short-lived thanks to the economic crisis the world faced in 2009. He thought it prudent to start his own company instead of looking for another job. He founded his company, Solo Capital, a financial investment business in the year 2011.The company quickly rose to become one of the greatest investment firms in the world.

Sanjay Shah is not only an extraordinary businessman. He is also a notable philanthropist. In 2011, his son, then four years old, was diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder. This moved Sanjay Shah to do something. He founded a non-profit organization to help raise awareness about autism. The organization is called Autism Rocks. Not only does Autism Rocks raise money to raise awareness but it also raises money to help in research. The organization raises money by holding concerts, and there have been numerous famous musicians who have shown commitment to the organization’s cause. A huge chunk of the money raised goes to the Cambridge University Autism Research Center.

Recently, Sanjay Shah made a press release through PR Newswire where he announced two new members to the Board of Trustees of Autism Rocks. According to the press release, Sanjay Shah had appointed Will Best and Pete Best to the board. Sanjay Shah believes that the two brothers are best suited to bring new insight to the board. In the press release, Sanjay Shah is quoted saying that since the organization is flourishing all around the world, the two brothers will play a huge role in helping to oversee the mechanics behind the organization.