The Chainsmokers Honor The Life Of Avicii

The Chainsmokers and an artist they have collaborated with in the past, Halsey, joined up to honor Swedish DJ and producer Avicii. This took place at the May 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart of The Chainsmokers joined up to tell the crowd gathered at the Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas that Avicii had inspired a lot of people in the EDM community including themselves and they appreciated him for that.

Their talking about Avicci took place when The Chainsmokers and Halsey were presenting the award for the Top Hot 100 Song of 2018 which was won by Luis Fonsi for his song “Despacito”. Halsey also chimed in saying that Avicii was a joy to work with and that made the tragedy of his death more painful for her and everyone else. She said that his death was a reminder that everyone should love and support the people they know, especially those who have a mental illness they are struggling with.

It was just a month earlier that Avicii had died when he was just 28 years old. His family eventually let everyone know that he had committed suicide. It’s possible some of his music, which had been recorded but not released, may be released at a later time according to the team behind his record label, Geffen Records.

The Chainsmokers came to prominence in 2014 when they had their first big hit, “#Selfie”. They started to release songs on a monthly basis and have now also put out three full albums. These are “Bouquet”, “Collage”, and “Memories…Do Not Open”. They took a break of about 10 months and started releasing music again in January 2018. Some of their biggest hits include “Closer”, ” Roses”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “Paris”.

The first song The Chainsmokers released in 2018 was “Sick Boy” which was a change of style for them. This has since been followed up by a few more singles such as “You Owe Me” and “Everyone Hates Me”. They were recently named by Billboard as the #1 musicians on their Billboard Dance 100.

The World Tour Again: Clay Hutson And Soul2soul

Clay Hutson lives in Nashville, TN and his career is about stage management, tour production, and engineering in the sound machines. He is the guy who has given artist live performances that become great because he is always there if hired to ensure that during the event everything is working as expected and the crowd always accept and have an appreciation of the plan. He is an ambitious man in what he likes doing and because he is passionate about music and anything else having the relationship with music, it makes him the best there is. To his clients, he offers the following services: production management, show production, design, managing clients logistics, stage management, monitoring the sound machines and rigging.


What Clay Hutson has been doing is offering the solutions to his clients and his services are budget friendly. As a client, it becomes a surprising and delightful. When you approach him, he will help from the ideation stage and the budget you will require for the site execution. When you want a perfect event, the first stop should be at his shop. He will be able to manage your event properly or produce your music.


He made the decision to join in the second leg of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in their world tour about soul2soul. The country duo was not having the capability to tour since 2007; they planned for this world tour. It was in their first leg where they include 70 sold-out concerts that started in April and ended in December. It was an extension of the tour because of the high demand. This time round Clay Hutson will be there to help with the exciting part of the live production. Learn more:


The second Soul2soul leg will be kicking off on May 31st in Richmond, Virginia. The tour will feature Smith Caitlyn who will open the stage and many more will follow. It is an honor that was given to Clay Hutson for the golden chance to join the world show tour team which was put by McGraw and Faith Hill. Clay Hutson has already been respected worldwide for his role during the live performance. He has also had a chance of working with Kelly Clarkson, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Kid Rock. Clay Hutson has been able to help the musicians in the last two decades to offer an excellent live performance. He is well experienced in Sound engineering and stage management and he cant fail his client.


The Civil Rights Fight Crosses The Ocean For George Soros

The hedge fund legend George Soros has a long history of philanthropic giving dating back to the 1970s when he began looking to provide support for people trapped under Communist rule in the former Eastern Bloc and those denied an education by the racist Apartheid system in South Africa. Over the early years of his work as a philanthropist, George Soros was given a lesson in how government agencies can use the donations of leading philanthropists to further their own ends; Soros moved quickly to create his own network of charitable groups under the banner of the Open Society Foundations in the mid-1980s. In the 21st-century, the philanthropy of George Soros is having a major impact on the lives of communities across the planet, but particularly in minority group communities such as Ferguson, Missouri where Soros backed groups became key figures in the development of the protests of Summer 2014. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Politico reports George Soros’ Open Society Foundations provided around $33 million in total funding for civil rights groups in the U.S. who came together to push forward what was originally a low-level local protest movement into an internationally known media event. The presence of a number of protests groups, such as the Drug Policy Alliance, who are backed by George Soros financially led to the mobilization of a huge number of protestors from within Ferguson and beyond. In recent years a number of major movements have sprung up from the groups backed on an annual basis by George Soros and the Open Society Foundations who feel the social and criminal justice situation in the U.S. has almost reached a breaking point. Soros has made his own personal opposition to social justice issues including private jails and the so-called “war on drugs” clear as he has backed groups involved in legalizing illegal drugs and fighting for the voting rights of African-Americans and Latinos.

Politico reports the sudden reemergence of George Soros as a political figure came after the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor made it clear his own dislike of all President Trump and his supporters stand for is driving his move to become a major financial donor to civil rights groups in the 21st-century once again. In 2004, the name George Soros became a well-known one in the U.S. as he backed the campaign of Senator John Kerry for The White House; one of the major reasons for the major funding provided in 2004 was the feeling the people of the world were being placed at risk by the decisions of President George W. Bush and his advisors. Soros has once again vowed to continue the fight against President Trump in the 21st-century as he sees similarities between the right-wing in The White House and those seen in Communist Hungary and from Nazi Germany in the youth of Soros. Learn more on about George Soros.

Learn More About Frans Schoeman

Frans Schoeman was born in Cape Town, which is a city in South Africa. He attended his education in New York City at a college that is known as the University of Free State. Frans is fluent in both English and Afrikaans. In 1990, he joined the official law society that is based in South Africa. The main role of the society is to ensure that the lawyers are provided with the best education to avail the best legal services to the clients.

Frans Schoeman joined a law firm in South Africa that is known as Phatsima Diamond. He then rose to become the Director of legal affairs in 2006. He has been actively involved in the management of the mining interests that the company engages in. Phatsima is a firm that is concerned with legal issues, and it is located in Belleville, South Africa. Its main areas of interest are commercial, corporate, and business law. It is also involved in the negotiations of contracts, drafting of the contracts, acquisitions, and mergers. While engaging a client, the company ensures that due diligence is observed. Other areas of involvement include the general advice that is offered to customers. He is also known to specialize in various aspects of legal representation that include constitutional law, medical law, labor law, trusts, and estate law. He is well rounded in legal affairs, something that has enabled him to serve various types of clients. Despite him being well rounded, he has great attention to detail when he is working, something that has made him become such a great lawyer. He works hard to ensure that his clients are accurately represented. His great satisfaction occurs when justice is served to his client and they are properly compensated.

Phatsima Diamond is a corporation that was established to oversee the mining and the development of proper mining structures in South Africa. Phatsima Diamond has been excavating large amounts of diamonds lately, which are exported to different parts of the world. Due to their devotion and dedication to their work, recently they have become very famous due to their consistency in business practices. Frans Schoeman is also actively involved on mashable in another law firm known as Joubert Schoeman Law Firm. The attorneys that Frans Schoeman is involved with are known to possess a lot of legal skills, knowledge, and experience that is enough to provide both business and corporate legal assistance.

Phatsima Diamond has managed to amass wide array of clients for both companies that have been listed and those that have not been listed. The companies are both local and international. Recently, the firm was able to record a significant success story where it won a law suit that was worth 120 million rands. Phatsima Diamond is very efficient in ensuring that companies are compliant with the laws that are associated with commerce. They do help in solving issues and ensure that they obtain the best results. Frans Schoeman is very experienced in legal matters, something that is deeply treasured by the clients he represents in his law firm.

The Joy Of Ski Season

The weather is getting cooler. Which means the start of ski season is fast approaching. Ski resorts in California, Colorado and the East coast are preparing to see an influx of skiers this year. With prices at a very competitive rate, skiers are prepared to get a lot of enjoyment for their money. In other words, a bang for their bucks. There are also Season Ski passes available for most of the resorts. A number of ski resorts offer a variety of packages. So it makes it easier to gather a group of friends and head up for some fun. This way it would be easier on your wallet. A majority of the younger people have taken up snowboarding. A great way to let off some steam, show off their skills, while trying to out do their buddies.

Places like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow in Olympic Village, California is noted to be two of the best spots for skiing. In Squaw Valley, if you stay in Lake Tahoe you can experience some fine dining, some great shopping and the night life is something to be desired. Guaranteed you will be just steps from the slopes. Just in case you wanted to save on diving, so you can have more time doing something fun and exciting. This is the place for you.

At Alpine Meadows the vertical drop is 1,800 ft. Whew! That sure makes great skiing for any thrill seeker. The terrain starts from beginners to advance. There is a class for everyone’s enjoyment. On average, they would get around 402 inches of snow. Their snow season is one of the longest. Squaw Valley and Alpine meadows merged in Sept 2011. They kept their separate identities, but is running under the same umbrella.

You will definitely receive the same level of professional service at both places. Maybe, on one of your jaunts, you may even run into Andrew “Andy” Wirth. He is the President and CEO of two ski resorts in California. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Alpine Meadows and the Squaw Valley Resort. Andy Wirth has 25 years of experience working the mountain resort industry. His expertise has led him to create some of the best ski resorts in the United States. So no matter which one you choose, you will have the time of your life. So go ahead and make some reservations. You will be glad you did. Enjoy!

Joseph Bismarck- QNET’s sensation

The article on QI Group was released on business wire when the head manager known as Joseph Bismarck announced the superstar known as Martin Hingis being the newest brand ambassador for the global company known as QNET. There was a celebration held in his honor where he announced the good news in front of 10, 000 attendees. The celebration was held in Dubai with an official announcement made on 18th September where he expressed great honor being associated with a global brand like QNET. QNET leadership organizes a yearly get together where employees, employers, clients and partners alike commemorate in unison regarding the growth of their organization. Adding a new client is viewed as a huge success as it represents the growth of a new organization or partnership. Marketing executives like Joseph Bismarck understood the vitality of welcoming some new in the family meant celebrating a new milestone.

The new addition by the name Martina Hingis is a renowned tennis champion with huge wins accredited to his name. For example, he has been awarded the Grand Slam winner hence earning the title of Global Ambassador for the international Tennis hall of Fame. Receiving the news that she was the new ambassador for Bismarck meant a new milestone reached in her professional career. A global entity like QNET with presence in over 100 countries was a huge entity coveted with strength and opportunity. QNET’s ambassadors hail from all types of sports; from Formula 1, Tennis to Football clubs. The global company hosts the huge English club known as Manchester City. Martina Hingis schedule appears booked as he hosts several events for QNET. Among his latest escapades includes representing India in various events sponsored by QNET playing for the Champions Tennis League.

Dubbed as one of the most influential personalities in the world of business, Joseph Bismarck holds the rank as a very key instrumental player in the establishment of a solid foundation for the growth of the company. December 2008 saw him assume the role of a managing director following a corporal restructuring. Talented, Dynamic, Versatile and assertive, Joseph Bismark holds key personality traits that every leader needs to have. Having the potential to perform extra ordinary things sees him open in his decisions while having a consultative management style anchored around the tenets of his Vedic philosophies. His Vedic beliefs portrays him as a firm believer in spiritual growth acquired through meaningful service to humankind. He devotes a huge part of his time towards RYTHYM Foundation.

Source: BusinessWire

Mentorship, Networks and the Rise of S’Well

Sarah Kauss, founder of S’Well, has been reflecting on the factors that led to her success. Since its foundation in 2010 the company, which makes and sells stylish and environmentally friendly water bottles, has certainly taken off. In an article on Linkedin Krauss reflects that one of the most important factors in her success was finding a mentor and supportive community to help in the early stages.

Krauss explains that female entrepreneurs are especially in need of this kind of support and guidance because there is less of a road map for emerging businesswomen. Even with the moral support of family and friends a young entrepreneur may need some expert guidance to get started, especially since women often encounter extra resistance or have trouble convincing potential investors and customers to take their ideas seriously.

Krauss says that a turning point in her career came when she joined EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, an executive leadership program designed to help women grow their businesses and create that all-important thing: a professional network including other talented female entrepreneurs. Of course this was helpful in that it gave hear a natural field in which to look for candidates for positions at S’Well. But she says that it also made a huge difference in her quality of life: having support from colleagues in the same boat as her made it easier for Krauss to enjoy her work and feel fulfilled.

Furthermore, the program was not just about networking. Krauss identifies certain specific skills and strategies that she learned to employ. One important approach was to memorize her company pitch and always have it at the ready. That way if she happened to run into a potential investor she would be prepared to make her case on the spot.

Krauss closes her article with an appeal to businesswomen everywhere: Finding a network like this can make a huge difference; don’t miss out on the opportunity.

About Banking Analyst Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel on wikipedia received three Bachelor’s degrees including Economics, Science and Mathematics from Duke University in 2009. While pursuing his studies, he was a Summer Analyst at Credit Suisse from May to August of 2008. Jared also wrote several papers for the Duke Chronicle while pursuing his undergraduate degrees and among those papers include four music reviews and an article about an alumni band by the name of Bombadil in 2007.

Upon his graduation, Jared served as an investment banking analyst at the Bank of America as well as an analyst at Merrill Lynch from 2009 to 2011. His responsibilities at Merrill Lynch contained the goal of making the firm more profitable by going over extensive information through handling commodities and tracking significant investment opportunities. These investment opportunities included mining, chemical, metal, defense and aerospace industries. Jared served as an Associate at Vector Capital in San Francisco from 2011 to 2013.

With the goals of advancing his career and making himself more valuable to potential employers in the investment banking field, Jared is currently undergoing graduate studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business at Stanford University earning a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Due to his education and experience, he is one of the top professionals in his field and has a promising future as an investment banker. Jared has also given advice to prospective investors by writing articles on constructing resumes and dressing for investment banking internships as well as interviewing for such positions. He also shares his thoughts on the banking industry and his experiences at Stanford University through his blog as well as social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Outside of his investment banking career, Jared Haftel is a passionate fan of music of several different genres and loves to spend time with his Yellow Labrador Retriever by the name of Emma.