Peter Briger was not only elected the President since November 2006 but also co-chairman of the credit corporation known as Fortress Investment Group since August 2009. He is the chief of the credit and real estate business. Since December 2017, Peter Briger has been the assistant head of the office of the executive. He is a member of Spearhead board of advisors and the schools of caliber. He is currently at position 962 on the Forbes list.

Briger serves as the Director of the University’s Investment Company of Princeton, as well as Tipping Point which is a non-profit-oriented organization, geared towards helping impoverished families based in San Francisco to have better lives. Last but not least, Peter Briger is a board member of Special Surgery Hospital advisors. During his 15 years of duty, Peter gained a partnership at the Goldman Sachs and Company in the year 1996. As the adviser of a corporation of Foreign Investments, he dealt with debt issues. While serving as an advisor at Linktone, he obtained a Master’s in Business Administration at the Business School of Wharton, within Pennsylvania University and Bachelor of Arts at Princeton.

Peter joined the Fortress Investment Group after his term at Goldman. Fortress Investment Group is a global manager of assets, which launched in 1998, situated in New York City. It ensures that the investors get subjected to minimum risks over a prolonged period. Its basis is on the acquisition of real estate, capital, and financial assets. There is knowledge of the industries which it invests. Management of operations, structure, and strategies; mergers of corporations and procurement which enable the Fortress Investment Group to labor with directors, managers, and stakeholders of boards to execute an investment successfully; as well as money markets, which curbs the potential of high risks, securing a platform that demands low cost and to know more

The Fortress Investment Group deals with assets of less value offered for sale after foreclosure and challenging to sell. It deals with controlled investments that obtain assets and businesses based on assets in the Northern part of America, Caribbean land and Western part of Europe. Apart from real estate, it also deals with transport, essential facilities, and services as well as assets related to media. It associates with coping with tangible and intangible assets such as intellectual property. It provides loan services to individuals.Peter Briger was impressed by the cheaper services offered by bitcoins as well as its potential.