Gregory Aziz, His Work, And His Contributions To Society

Gregory James Aziz is a man who will leave a legacy of power, success, and also generosity. Greg is extremely successful and rich and has few worries. He has managed the company, National Steel Car, since the year 1994. Experienced in making investments, he decided that the company, though seemingly down on its luck, would be a worthy one. He turned out to be correct.

He bought National Steel Car and made the necessary changes to get it running and back to operational standards. He worked on the number of railcars they were able to produce as a whole. It was very few. He managed to get it from about 3,000 a year to 12,000 a year being produced and distributed. With this came the need for more workers. James Aziz was able to hire several new employees and by the year 1999, the number of workers had spiked from 6000 to 3,000. Today these numbers are still growing and changing.

Greg continues overseeing the entire company and the overall management of National Steel Car. He is also known to donate to charity often. He can be found hosting an annual Christmas party in support of local food banks. Employees from past and present day are always welcome as well as their families. The community of Ontario highly respects James Aziz for all he’s done to give back to them in his spare time. He proves himself generous with his actions and that sets him apart from many people in this era.

Greg got his start as a regular kid with big dreams. He was born to a good family who loved him and wanted him to be successful someday. He grew up and went to Ridley College and then to the University of Western Ontario where he developed a passion for Economics. He majored in the subject, then graduated and moved on to fulfill his dreams. He partnered with his family’s food business, Affiliated Foods, for about seventeen years then worked with a few investment firms before finally founding National Steel Car in 1994. Today he has a wife named Irene and two daughters, Natalie and Karina.


They enjoy going to outdoor events together, particularly equestrian events. They are all three credited for being Gregory’s motivation in the busy life he leads. Gregory James Aziz has inspired many with the work he has done in his company and within the community. Click Here to learn more.