A Very Real and Positive Review of EOS Lip Balms

In a very pleasant YouTube video, an attractive young woman reviews the Visibly Soft variety of EOS lip balms, and tells of how much she enjoys all of the lip balms made by EOS.

The woman in the video says that she has long thought that EOS lip balms review make really nice lip primers because they are not too greasy on the lips. If a lip liner or lipstick were applied over some brands of balm, she says, they might not adhere well because of excess moisture. With EOS lip balms, however, her lips are provided with just the right amount of moisture.

As for the Visibly Soft lip balms, the young woman examines both the vanilla mint and coconut milk varieties. Among the product attributes cited by the young woman are the inclusion of shea butter and vitamins E and C, very subtle and pleasing aromas, and the absence of gluten.

After applying one of the balms to her lips, the woman reviewer says that the EOS Visibly Soft lip balms go on the lips very smoothly and feels that they are more hydrating than traditional EOS lip balms.

The woman reviewer says that if you have used regular-style EOS lip balms in the past and liked them, then you’ll probably be pleased with the Visibly Soft lip balms (Stylecraze.com).

Another important thing that the reviewer mentions is the cute appearance of all of the EOS lip balms review. The woman describes the orbs of lip balm as being adorable and that they resemble little Easter eggs.

Overall, this is a very positive review of EOS lip balms. You can check mapleholistics.com for more details.