Healthy Coffee: A Look At Organo Gold

Researchers from two different studies released similar findings related to coffee drinkers. One study, based in America, followed 185,000 Americans of different ethnic backgrounds (Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Caucasians) who were coffee drinkers. Researchers found an 18% decrease in the risk of death related to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, cancer, and diabetes for coffee drinkers versus non coffee drinkers. A similar study in Europe examined over 500,000 individuals in ten countries with similar results. Both studies ran longer than ten years and neither study examined other factors such as people who didn’t drink coffee for health risks. But there is a strong correlation between these health benefits and regular coffee drinking of 2-3 cups daily. Visit to know more.

Organo Gold is one such company that believes coffee is a product that is good for one’s everyday health. Organo Gold has been in business since 2008 and is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia. The company utilizes an independent distributor business model, with over 400,000 consultants across 50 countries and six continents. Organo Gold is rising fast as a direct selling company because of their products, specifically their coffee.


Organo Gold coffee is blended with a mushroom found in China’s Fuzhou region called Ganoderma. This mushroom has been used for over 2,000 years in Chinese culture and is named a “superfungus” for all the health benefits related to it’s consumption. The Ganoderma mushroom is harvested for the spores, which contain immune boosting properties. The spores are then cracked, ground into powder and mixed with Organo Gold’s signature coffee blends for a healthy, tasty beverage. Follow Organo Gold on