Coworking Spaces Are Great Options For Self-Employed Entrepreneurs Living in the City


Coworking Spaces have hit the corporate scene and are becoming game changers for many traditional office workers and independent contractors. Working from home has usually been the norm for self-employed people, but coworking spaces provide several benefits that you don’t find at home. Such benefits include faster and more reliable internet connections, more structure in your day, having people around to network with, minimal distractions, and perhaps even less time commuting or dealing with service bills.


For some people, the sound of coworking spaces may not seem very attractive, but you still retain complete independence when doing your work. There are no obligations to show up on a particular day or time period to a coworking space, so if you need vacation time or time for medical appointments, you can take them at will. You also don’t have to get dressed up in a suit or tie if that’s not your thing. And often coworking spaces have suites such as gyms, spas, or coffee shops in the facility for work breaks or after hours.


One great coworking space that’s established a great reputation is Workville in New York City, which has offices for rent across Manhattan. This coworking space has all the amenities you could ask for of a coworking space including printers and copiers, office spaces to lease, conference rooms, mail service, coffee machines, and balconies with chairs and tables when you need a breath of fresh air. The office spaces are fully furnished and all you have to do is just bring yourself. Rooms can be reserved at Workville for special events such as seminars, banquets, private parties, or special hosting. The place also is located near Times Square and other big hubs of New York, and you can get 24/7 access to the premises. Workville offers tours if you give them a call, or get in touch with them on Facebook.

New York Real Estate Is Booming

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