The Perfect Road Trip

Summer is almost here and many families will be heading out on a long awaited road trip. Researchers at Michigan State University have the perfect road trip in mind. Using a genetic algorithm they have found the shortest distance around the 48 contiguous United States that allows a stop at a major landmark in each state.
These researchers say that the trip is 13,699 miles long. It can be completed in 224 hours or just over 9 days. Researchers warn, however, that the road trip would really take two to three months to complete because of stopping to see the sights, resting, and eating.
Some of the stops included on this map include Pikes Peak, Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Mammoth Cave National Park, and the Statue of Liberty National Monument.
Drivers wanting to attempt this road trip need only drive to their closest starting point within their own state because the map is a loop so eventually drivers return to their starting point states travel enthusiast Gianfrancesco Genoso from a Dino travel article.
If the family is protesting spending hours in the desert or prairie, then the researchers have also created a second map that visits each of the major United States cities. This route is shorter containing only 12,290 miles. No stops are included in North Dakota, Vermont, or West Virginia.