Improving Education

Education is a big problem in many areas of the country. New York schools have little funding, and students are suffering because of it. Keith Mann is passionate about changing education in his area. Despite being successful in business, he is now turning his attention towards helping others. Over time, he believes that he can make a big impact in the lives of others.

Success in Business

Keith Mann has had a great career in the world of business. Despite making a lot of money, he found himself wanting more. He turned his attention towards helping other people succeed. During this time, he discovered that schools in his area lacked the funding needed to help students succeed in life. He believes that every student deserves the chance to get ahead in life through education. Anyone who wants to impact the world should look at the life of Keith Mann.


There are many problems in the current education system. Anyone who wants their children to go to a private schools must pay a fortune every month. Many public schools simply are not preparing children for college. Parents in New York have a difficult time finding the right schools to go to. This is just one of the many reasons that Keith Mann believes that the system is messed up.

Future Plans

Keith Mann plans on investing in local schools for the next few years. If the test scores improve, he will continue to invest in those schools. Many studies show that schools with proper funding perform better than those without funding.


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