Andy Wirth’s Battle With Backers Of Incorporation In Lake Tahoe

The Reno-Gazette Journal covered some interesting developments in the tourist community of Lake Tahoe in a recent article. Lake Tahoe has not had the best of luck in the last four years, and the area has also been the site of a political and civic struggle over an attempt to have businesses incorporated. The resorts in the area depend greatly on favorable weather to thrive. Favorable weather in Lake Tahoe means a lot of snow and cold weather. If the resorts and hotels are thriving from tourism during a season, then other businesses such as restaurants and shops would experience a favorable economic injection from increased foot traffic. Unfortunately, the last four years in Lake Tahoe has been slow, but this year has seen a fortunate boost from early winter weather and cold temps, which allowed the resorts to start their tourist season early.

The other problem Lake Tahoe was facing involved the backers of incorporation wanting to establish oversight committees to force resorts and business to effectively kneel before them. The backers of incorporation faced off against a man named Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the owner of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Allegations have flown back and forth between the two parties over the proposed incorporation. There has also been a lot of money spent on both sides allegedly. The backers claim Andy Wirth’s resort is trying to avoid the oversight of the committee, and they claim Squaw Valley Ski Resort has spent a lot of money to prevent the incorporation. In the article, Andy Wirth waved these allegations off, and pointed out the backers have spent a small fortune to see it pass. He also cites how terrible for the local economy and civic situation it would have been for the area.

Despite the money raised and spent by the supporters of incorporation, their proposal has been trashed by a state commission. This has freed up Andy Wirth to push for the members of the community to come together and work on new projects such as transportation between the resorts.

Andy Wirth is no stranger to adversity either, and the backers of incorporation were nothing compared to what he’s been through. According to his Wikipedia, he was involved in an awful skydiving accident in Lodi, California, which resulted in his arm being torn off. He was luckily able to have it surgically reattached.


Incorporation Battle of Olympic Valley in Seize Fire

One of the North Tahoe community members, and current CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, Andy Wirth has been in the press recently for his involvement of the incorporation battle in the Olympic Valley. He is a strong opponent of incorporation as he believes it will result in both a drop in services rendered, like road maintenance and snow plowing as well as higher tax rates. Both of which would be detrimental for the community and its business’s. The Olympic Valley community has seen business plummet over recent years. The incorporation and lack of decent snow fall have been the cause. The group that was for the incorporation believe that Andy Wirth had his own motive to appose the incorporation. He was planning to improve real estate by developing both commercial and residential properties as well as building a gondola service which connected two resorts which are separated by a mountain ridge. This has been the dream of visitors for years and may soon become a reality. The incorporation has been halted and but progress can only be made with cohesive community work as well as problem solving according to Andy Wirth. Wounds are healing but the future will bring better fortune for the North Tahoe community and its resorts. It will return to former glory thanks to business men and active community members like Andy Wirth. If you would like to read the full article you will find it here.

Andy Wirth is not only involved in the Olympic Valley community he also heads up a group known as the Wounded Warrior support. The a life changing journey he has pledged his efforts to raise awareness for the Navy Seals Foundation. Andy Wirth put together a team for the Ironman Lake Tahoe in 2015 to raise awareness for a cause close to his heart.

A year and a half ago Andy sustained serious injuries during a ski diving accident. The return to health was made possible through Andy Wirth’s accidental meeting with a group of Navy Seals. They shared their stories and spirit with him and allowed him to find the courage to come back from this debilitating accident. The money raised for the Navy Seal members and their family goes to both immediate and long term support. Their stories and challenges gave Andy new life during his recovery.

Source: the Reno Gazette Journal

The Joy Of Ski Season

The weather is getting cooler. Which means the start of ski season is fast approaching. Ski resorts in California, Colorado and the East coast are preparing to see an influx of skiers this year. With prices at a very competitive rate, skiers are prepared to get a lot of enjoyment for their money. In other words, a bang for their bucks. There are also Season Ski passes available for most of the resorts. A number of ski resorts offer a variety of packages. So it makes it easier to gather a group of friends and head up for some fun. This way it would be easier on your wallet. A majority of the younger people have taken up snowboarding. A great way to let off some steam, show off their skills, while trying to out do their buddies.

Places like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadow in Olympic Village, California is noted to be two of the best spots for skiing. In Squaw Valley, if you stay in Lake Tahoe you can experience some fine dining, some great shopping and the night life is something to be desired. Guaranteed you will be just steps from the slopes. Just in case you wanted to save on diving, so you can have more time doing something fun and exciting. This is the place for you.

At Alpine Meadows the vertical drop is 1,800 ft. Whew! That sure makes great skiing for any thrill seeker. The terrain starts from beginners to advance. There is a class for everyone’s enjoyment. On average, they would get around 402 inches of snow. Their snow season is one of the longest. Squaw Valley and Alpine meadows merged in Sept 2011. They kept their separate identities, but is running under the same umbrella.

You will definitely receive the same level of professional service at both places. Maybe, on one of your jaunts, you may even run into Andrew “Andy” Wirth. He is the President and CEO of two ski resorts in California. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Alpine Meadows and the Squaw Valley Resort. Andy Wirth has 25 years of experience working the mountain resort industry. His expertise has led him to create some of the best ski resorts in the United States. So no matter which one you choose, you will have the time of your life. So go ahead and make some reservations. You will be glad you did. Enjoy!