Squaw Valley is a sublimely beautiful snowy area in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. World famous Squaw Valley Ski Resort opened in 1949; years after Wayne Poulsen purchased 2,000 acres of land from Southern Pacific Railroad and began a special adventure with an area he had loved since he was a teenager. He was already familiar with the valley and began to develop a lifelong love of skiing by building his own wooden skis and teaching himself to ski, dreaming of opening a ski resort. In the 1940’s Poulsen met Alex Cushing, who provided the capital to create the early resort which was modeled after European Ski resorts. In 1960 Squaw Valley hosted the Winter Olympics which provided international fame and was designated A California Historical Landmark.

Today the resort is an ideal vacation destination for skiers and snowboarders with the longest snow season in Lake Tahoe. With slopes for the experienced as well as beginners the resort is perfect for family holidays. Other activities include cross country skiing, snowmobiles, dog sledding, and ice skating.

The Village at Squaw Valley has bars, restaurants, boutiques and a variety of venues throughout the year. Bluesdays Tuesdays offers free concerts with renowned blues musicians with food and drink and amenities available. For over 40 years the Community of Writers of Squaw Valley has held workshops and conferences for poetry, prose, and screen writing every summer, with featured authors to teach and discuss their works.

In 2011 Squaw Valley Ski Resort merged with Alpine Ski Resort under the auspices of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings with Andrew Wirth as the CEO. He is responsible for improvements to the mountains infrastructure as well as modernizing and renovating the facilities. As a philanthropist, he has focused on the area’s environmental well being and positive development.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort boasts scenes of immense natural beauty, with wide blue sky, deep lakes and the stillness of snow for action or contemplation. This is a place to put aside the everyday world, and relax or play with a special person or a family or simply to rejuvenate in pure simple surroundings.