How Telereal Trillium Cause Major Effect in UK Thanks to Graham Edwards

Telereal Trillium has been on the radar of many people in the business world as a property management and investment firm to trust. Since its start on 2001, Graham Edwards has been at the forefront of its success as the chief executive officer. He has single handedly brought in large amounts of revenue for the company and made a name for himself at the same time.

Telereal Trillium stands out in the business world thanks to the smart business moves of Graham. He received a degree in economics from the prestigious Cambridge University in England and has worked for some pretty impressive companies. He has been able to generate large sums of money for each of these companies, earning him much recognition. He brought this same knowledge to his current position with Telereal (Glassdoor).

He made news with his negotiations with a company named Land Securities Group Plc. He was able to separate from the company and make billions in the process. This is a man who understands how to make calculated risks with his advanced knowledge of economics. He is without a doubt someone you want managing your property and your money.

Graham Edwards believes in advancing his education and is enrolled in King’s College London to earn his master’s in International Relations. The focus of his studies in on the Middle East and foreign relations. In business, it’s important to stay abreast of new information and trends. This approach has earned Graham a seat on many business boards throughout England including the Institute for Chartered Accountants.

When Graham isn’t making a ton of money for Telereal, he spends time reading about water and engineering as well as real estate. For more information on Graham and his company, be sure to take a look at Telereal’s website or visit