Dr. Mark McKenna- An innovator with Bright Vision

The medical world has come up OVME an aesthetic experience thanks to innovations of Dr. Mark McKenna and the first to experience the benefit are Buckhead residents. It will give a new outlook to their bodies, and the debut is set for March 2018 and OVME promises of providing minimal invasions procedures designed in enhancing the feel and look of Atlanta people. It will also improve individual’s life outlook and increase their self-confidence. Dr. Mark McKenna, the creator of Shape Med concept that he later sold to Lifetime fitness, says he is proud of introducing OVME that features luxury treatments rooms in four private areas along with individual consultations in a secluded office.

OVME focuses on using the cutting-edge technology with medical aesthetics to bring out unique products that evolve beyond medical and beauty industry landscape. Dr. Mark McKenna primary agenda is helping the Atlanta residents through his products and services to find themselves by delivering precise results and leveraging on elective healthcare. According to Dr. Mark McKenna, his patients will receive high-class attention, and he has gained celebrity status for innovating implementation using invasion procedures.

Dr. Mark McKenna went to MedicinSchool of Tulane and headed to New Orleans to practice medicine next to his father.

In 2007, after Hurricane Katrina, he moved to Atlanta and started the series of cosmetic treatments with his ShapeMed Company. He dealt with laser hair removal, Botox injections, weight counseling, and nutrition. Dr. Mark McKenna is 43 years old boasts of creating unique medical practices aimed at making his clients improve their look thus feeling good. The OVME will have an app that helps its customers to freely connect with the freelancer practitioners with the aim of making on-demand house calls.

He was also involved in real estate while working as doctor mostly in prisons. He loves medicine since it’s a rote that makes his brain get engaged by providing the best services to people. The OVME apps targets on getting the large medical practitioners in one place targeting the nurses and doctors who want to earn extra bucks and depending on the country


Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid.

Dr. Mark Mofid undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He later joined the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where he pursued his medical degree. His medical degree included studying in general and plastic surgery and an innovative craniofacial study fellowship. He now works with several Hospitals and Medical Centers in the San Diego and La Jolla area such as Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla. Dr. Mark is a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also a member of the American College of Surgeons.

Mark Mofid is an accredited by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Mark is devoted to offering artistic techniques of highest-quality. Both patients and his colleagues much recommend him for his technology and creativity in aesthetic surgery. He and his team provide concerned, personalized and vigilant care throughout the treatment retro.

He strains his skills to greater depths with aims of making plastic surgery proficiency as pleasing as possible for his clients. Dr. Mofid wisely evaluates and tries to comprehend the concerns and desires of every client before proposing a treatment plan. After he entirely concepts the patient’s wishes, Mofid establishes how to realize such results.

He then clarifies the advantages and the risks of the suggested methods. Mark Mofid also outlines the effects of such treatment to the client’s appearance. Mofid also offers patients with reconstructive surgery such as post-trauma facial injury repair, microsurgery, and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Many people prefer Dr. Mofid for their aesthetic treatments for his prudence handling of patients, his comfy consultation office and his welcoming and kind staff members. His practice offers CareCredit financing to clients who advantage from zero interest and low monthly installments preferences.

Mofid practice allows patients a chance to sidestep the stage of filling out forms and papers in the office to avoid time wastage. Mofid practice gives clients an opportunity to download, produce and fill out the recent patients document comfortably at home or anywhere. One only clicks on the link provided in the Mofid practice to access the new patient’s document.


Dr. Jennifer Walden, the Trusted Plastic Surgeon in Austin, Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a highly successful plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. She then moved on to complete a fellowship at the Manhattan, Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Due to her experience and skill, she opened a successful practice in New York City. Walden has practiced plastic surgery for over eight years. She specializes in breast augmentation, eyelid lifts, face-lifts and rhinoplasty. She also performs liposuction’s and filler injections such as Botox.

The cosmetic surgery industry has always been a male dominated field. A study has shown that out of 8,000 board certified plastic surgeons only 10% are women. Dr. Walden finds that she has to prove herself day in and day out, but she doesn’t let that get to her. She feels that many women who are looking to get plastic surgery feel more comfortable exposing themselves and talking to a female doctor. Patient’s love Dr. Jennifer Reviews because she is non-judgemental and expresses empathy for their situation.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a mother two twin boys. Jennifer chose the field of plastic surgery with one goal in mind, to help women. She loves the fact that at the end of the day she helps improve their self confidence and the way they feel about themselves. She doesn’t necessarily consider plastic surgery an exercise in vanity. In 2014, she was named one of the 24 best cosmetic surgeons in the United States by Harper’s Bazaar. Dr. Walden is also the co-author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Jennifer Walden info: www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Jennifer_Walden/reviews