Robert Deignan’s Stunning Entrepreneurial Ventures

Robert Deignan is a business proprietor and an entrepreneur. He serves as the chief executive officer and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. ATS Digital Service is a digital support company that assists customers with their technological issue all over the world. The company offers its customers with many services ranging from general troubleshooting to connectivity issues. He was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Robert was a football player and he was enrolled at Purdue University on a football scholarship. He holds a degree in Organizational Leadership from the institution. He worked with the Miami Dolphins as well as the NY Jets up to 1997. He served as the executive vice president of Is3 Incorporation from 2002 to 2009. He decided to develop his own firm in 1998 and co-founded Fanlink Incorporation. This was his first investment venture as an entrepreneur. Despite his success, Robert Deignan has never abandoned sports. He is a participant of the offshore fishing competitions. He is also the captain of the ATS Digital Services sports team. Mr. Deignan is a resident of Miami, Fort Lauderdale where his lives with his family.

His idea of ATS Digital Services developed while he was working for another country. While serving at the Anti-Malware Software Company he experienced several technical problems during installation of software in the machines of clients. He therefore decided to start a company that would solve such problems. One of the trends that excite Robert is the increasing application of remote technologies in fixing their computers. The remote technology has enabled home owners to solve some of their technological issues alone and efficiently.

Putting ideas in the paper has enhanced the success of Robert Deignan as an entrepreneur. Analyzing the plans with focus on personal experiences as well as holistic research promotes proper decision making while making business investments. Out of all the strategies that Robert has used in his businesses, being strategic about where he raises his money from has made him a successful entrepreneur. He is also an avid reader. One of his favorite books is “Rework.” The book introduces and addresses a practical approach of keeping business ventures as simple as possible.

Jason Hope Life and Career

Jason Hope is a business owner who is passionate about technology. Throughout his career, he has spent a ton of time learning about new technology that could improve various industries. He is currently spending most of his time in the medical industry. Jason Hope has strong feelings about the pharmaceutical industry. He firmly believes that prices should be much lower for customers. In addition, he believes that people should have more choices for their healthcare solutions.


Jason Hope attended high school in Arizona. After he graduated, he had little direction in his life. He decided to attend Arizona State University and major in business. He quickly learned valuable lessons about owning and operating a company. After graduating, he received an MBA from the same college.

During his time in college, Jason Hope had the opportunity to meet with successful business leaders. Instead of working in the corporate world, Jason Hope decided to become an entrepreneur and take control of his future. He is the type of person who is always willing to take a chance.


The medical industry has various problems. Not only are costs rising, but few people are receiving the quality of care that they need. Many people believe that the medical industry needs massive reform.

Jason Hope is spending millions of dollars on reform in the medical industry. He believes that new technology can help people live longer and more efficiently. Investing in new technology is the best way for people to avoid chronic illnesses and other issues.

Future Goals

Jason Hope is the type of person who is always busy. He has dozens of ideas each day. Although he is happy with his life, he wants to continue focusing on new ways to manage a business. Jason Hope teaches people about necessary lifestyle changes to make to live longer. He has a passion for reforming the medical industry in the coming years.

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Jason Hope: Using His Vast Resources To Support Anti-Aging Research

Arizona native Jason Hope is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, investor and business consultant. He’s also a futurist who is passionate about supporting organizations involved in doing scientific research and educating people about possible cures for the diseases that lead to age-related illness. Jason Hope also supports anti-aging efforts by donating over $1 million to the Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence(SENS) Foundation. He’s been giving to the organization since 2010. Founded in 2009, the non-profit organization researches and invests in rejuvenation biotechnology to prevent and cure age-related conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

Jason Hope sees rejuvenation biotechnologies as the key to improving human health in the near future. He supports the SENS Foundation’s proactive approach to anti-aging activities. A major focus of the organization is preventing diseases that rob people of their vitality and their lives. Their goal is to help people live longer, higher quality lives. Hope is supporting the SENS staff in their research into the causes of metabolic conditions that damage the body and lead to the devastating diseases usually associated with old age. One of SENS’ goals is to find ways to address those conditions before they develop into deadly pathologies that kills the body.

Born in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope earned an MBA from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He went on to become wildly successful in a number of internet based businesses. Currently Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is known for expertise in technology, research and business. People from all over the world reach out to him for business advice. Jason Hope is also involved in a wide array of businesses and projects. A committed philanthropist, Hope generously shares his time and resources to help a vast group of charities and philanthropic organizations.

Drawn to technology and innovation, Jason Hope is deeply involved in scientific research. He works closely with people who are trying to answer some of the most challenging questions facing modern man. Hope sees the work of the SENS Foundation as having the potential to transform the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries and impact the lives of everyone living on the planet.

Jason Hope asks:’ Can you conceive of a world without age-related disease, disability and suffering? What about a world in which it’s possible for the average person to live 120 healthy years?’ He’s working with brilliant scientists to make that idea a reality.

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Rick Smith: The Leader Taking Securus Technologies To The Top Of The Field

Securus Technologies is a company offering inmate communication services. The company provides a range of services in voice and video communications. Currently, the company is being headed by CEO Rick Smith. Smith has played an incredible role in bringing the company to the position it currently has today. He has worked hard to bring the company up, which is why today it stands as one of the most widely used inmate communications companies in the country. As the chief executive officer of the company, Rick Smith manages the entire operation of Securus Technologies, spanning over hundreds of prisons in America and a few in Canada. He has an incredible amount of skill and knowledge when it comes to the field and knows what it takes to run a company, which is what has made him a brilliant leader to Securus.

Rick Smith was instrumental in the significant change that Securus Technologies went through in 2008. Back then, the company was among the top five prison communications providers in the country but wanted to be the best and most widely used service provider. To bring their plans to fruition, they decided to merge with another big company called T-Netix. T-Netix was also in the same position as Securus Technologies, which is why the merge proved to be one of the best things for both the companies. Rick Smith played a huge role in ensuring that company was moving on the right track and with a proper plan in mind. He worked hard to bring the merger together, which has proven to be extremely fruitful for Securus.

After the merge, when the talks of the new CEO of the company started emerging, Smith was seen as the best person for the job and was appointed immediately.Rick Smith is well versed with the technology sector and has a lot of educational qualifications in it as well. He is, in fact, an electrical engineer and has also attained a masters degree in Mathematics. In addition, he also has an MBA which he pursued to reach his business and professional goals. Before coming to work for Securus Technologies, Rick Smith tried his hand at a lot of different jobs and companies. When he came to work for Securus Technologies, he realized that this was the place for him. Today, he is seen as one of the most vital members for the growth and success of the company.

Eric Pulier Knows What He is Doing

Eric Pulier is someone who is an entrepreneur, and he is someone who has led others to become entrepreneurs. He is someone who has experience in the business world, and he has used that experience to the benefits of others. He is someone who has helped those who would like to start businesses raise the money that they need to do that. He is there for those who are struggling to get started on their own, and he makes sure that they have the money that they need to get their business going and follow their dreams.

Eric Pulier began the career that he has today because of his love for technology. It is important for a person to have a job that they love, and he feels that his job is the perfect fit for him because he has a passion for technology. When asked about how he makes money, he mentioned that he is always investing in new ideas. He is always on the search for those ideas that he feels are going to be profitable, and he gets involved in those. He knows what he is doing, and that helps him to earn a good living and to stay a part of a world that he loves. When asked what it is about him that has made him a success, Eric Pulier mentioned that the fact that he had to invest his own money in what he is doing to get started has pushed him on to want to succeed and to work hard.

There are different ways that a person can change things up for their employees when they are running a business. Eric Pulier is someone who is a great employer, and he is someone who wants to see all who work for him do the best that they can at the work that they complete. He is willing to purchase things to help his employees be successful. When asked about an investment that he has made recently that he is happy with, Eric Pulier mentioned that he bought an espresso machine for his office and that the machine is something that his employees love and something that gives everyone extra energy.

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Eric Pulier Leads Others

Eric Pulier is someone who has many good ideas, and he has put a lot of those ideas to use in the work that he has completed and in all that he has accomplished. He is an innovator, someone who thinks differently than others and comes up with new ideas. This man is someone who has changed the way that people do a variety of things, and he is an entrepreneur who will keep going at the work that he does. Eric Pulier is someone with a passion for technology, and that passion has helped him to become the person he is today.

When someone has a heart for others who are similar to them, that person can help such people to become successful. Eric Pulier is someone who cares about those who have interests that are similar to his own. He is not afraid to share advice with that who would like to become entrepreneurs like him. He is someone who has shared information about what it was that led him to success, and he is someone who will lead others on to become successful like he is. His guidance will help entrepreneurs make it in a hard world.

Eric Pulier has said that he is an optimistic individual, and that optimism helped him to press on even when times were hard for him. At the beginning of his career, he didn’t have things very easy, yet he kept going. He always believed that things would work out in the end, and that helped him to press on no matter what. Eric Pulier has shared that it was not hard for him to earn a profit, but that it took him some time to figure out the best way to do his work.

Eric Pulier has multiple books that he would recommend to those who are looking to get started with a career like the one that he has. Just as he is sharing his experiences with others and helping them to learn, he has learned through other great individuals. He believes in leading others, just as he has been led.

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Jason Hope, the Visionary from Arizona

Jason Hope is a man renowned for his futuristic tendencies, with the primary emphasis getting placed on technology. For a long time, Jason Hope has had a profound passion for philanthropy, innovation, entrepreneurship, and investing. All his life, Jason has created the right technological tools meant to streamline society as well as thrust it in the right direction.

Today, Jason Hope is the proud owner of Mobile Technology, a company he founded in 2004. Thirteen years down the line, Mobile Technology has become more robust. With a BS in Finance from the Arizona State University and an MBA in Business from the Arizona State University-W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason Hope has helped create successful businesses as well as invest on spectacular ideas, helping the youth succeed in equal measure.

Whatever Jason creates happens to target the future. Using technology, Jason is always on the lookout for newer and better opportunities that will help him connect modern day gadgets to benefit the world in future. As a man with diverse knowledge on technology, he has become an authority on the discipline helping individuals and businesses make a kill by employing unique strategies that directly guarantee them success. Through Jason’s belief on the Internet of Things, he is optimistic that the world is in the right direction in as far as technology is concerned. In 2016, it got realized that companies are now readily adopting concepts from the Internet of Things, something that has made Jason Hope a happy man.

Above all, Jason Hope is a committed writer and commentator, producing unique pieces of technology and our future. Thanks to Jason Hope and his innovation, the global community now gets to enjoy the power of synchronized data from the many digital gadgets in possession. Jason believes that it is only when the world fully understands the importance of the Internet of Things that people and institutions will reduce wastage of resources.

Whereas some companies have openly adopted the Internet of Things, there are others that are already weighing their options. One sector that has got to benefit from Jason’ Hope technological concept is the public transportation industry, that ever since it began making use of synchronized data, has gotten to enjoy better monitoring and maintenance of passenger and cargo trains, mapping of bus routes and what a view.

As the Internet of Things gains momentum particularly in the United States, rail road and freeway coalitions will be a thing of the past. Better management of data means that redundancy will get reduced making many different systems work harmoniously rather than against one another. From the precedence, there is a lot that we can learn from Jason Hope, principles if applied in our daily lives might make us more productive.

Eric Pulier’s Life as an Entrepreneur

Succeeding with a business idea can be a huge deal. For many people it is their life’s work, the concept by which they build up the rest of their hopes and dreams. For an entrepreneur it is just another day at the office. Entrepreneurs leap from business to business building up huge projects in order to help propel themselves to another level. It’s a hard task and one that many people simply are not cut out for. Eric Pulier is cut from the cloth that great entrepreneurs are woven and his work is starting to really stand the test of time. Let’s take a closer look and see just what it means for Pulier to succeed and what it has cost him in terms of effort.

If you look through the annals of the most successful technological gurus in history you will find that they are all intense and passionate people about their field. Bill Gates loves computers. Steve Jobs loves technology and innovation. You don’t just dip your toes into the business. In much that same way Eric Pulier knew from childhood that he was destined to be creating at the highest level with technology. That was the driving force behind his learning to program computers as a school child and it led him to his first computer database company while he was still a student.

Beyond growing up and into the industry Pulier was always focused on the bigger picture. Pulier has kept a keen eye on the potential that disruptive technology can offer and it has led him to some of his greatest works including vAtomic Systems. Pulier knows that finding the next great company means combining everything that came before. This is a concept that each and every entrepreneur reading this back home should take to heart, write down, and reflect on.

Eric Pulier lives in Los Angeles where he balances a slew of different projects while raising his children. His keys to success are simple, on a daily basis focus on healthy living, list making, and a work ethic that surpasses everyone in the room.

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Jason Hope Believes in the Internet of Things and so Should You.

You don’t have to pay close attention to the tech industry to know that our world has fundamentally changed over the past decade thanks to smart technology. Smart technology has turned the world into one that is reliant on the internet and always ready to interface with the latest new machines to be released. Jason Hope is a tech investor and entrepreneur who has made a living out of being the first on the newest wave of technology. Hope started out by establishing his mobile communications company, Jawa, before turning himself into one of the foremost futurists in the world. Hope’s focus has solely been on the over the past couple of years and industry titans are starting to take notice.

We’ll start out by discussing what the Internet of Things actually is. The Internet of Things refers to the collection of devices that we interface with in our daily lives and how they connect to the internet. Think of your shoes, kitchen appliances, cars, and phones. This is a wide range of machines, isn’t it? The Internet of Things looks to culminate by embracing all of these daily devices and putting them under a singular umbrella by which we engage and interact with. We can look at this concept like it is some sort of Philip K. Dick novel but that’s just not the case. Jason Hope believes it is the reality and he believes it is going to be one of the biggest innovations that we’ve seen in the tech field.

Hope believes that smart technology is basically a technology of convenience, at least at this point. Hope also understands that the Internet of Things is still living on the fringe of the public zeitgeist but he also understands that before long this is going to change and it is going to change in a big way. The Internet of Things, as Hope believes, is here to stay and it is going to be fundamental to the industry going forward. As a result, Hope is strongly encouraging companies to get involved early and invest as much as possible while the getting is good. Also visit him on Facebook :

A Quick Glance At The Wessex Institute’s History

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a private research groups that works with both private and public institutions. They are located at the New Forest National Park in the United Kingdom.Their location of New Forest is quite unique for an educational institution. The park was previously used as private hunting grounds for many generations of British royalty. The national park is now enjoyed by attendees and visitors of educational institute.

The Wessex Institute operates many research programs in collaboration with many European Universities. Universita di Siena, Universidad de Granada, University of Castilla-La Mancha, University of the West of England and UNICAMP Brazil are just examples of their international reach.The institute is very well known for their annual conferences. These conferences discuss climate change, technology, sustainable energy and other critical world issues. The conferences are held in several international locations with many of them held in Spain and the United Kingdom.