Why PSI Pay is Quickly Becoming the Best Way to Manage Your Funds

Digital wallets are a hot topic, and not all country utilizes them in the same way. The UK has possibly gotten the inside scoop on the digital wallet, rolling out PSI Pay. Digital wallets essentially serve the same purpose as a traditional wallet, but they offer one convenient place to keep cash. Individuals can now deposit and withdraw cash using PSI Pay to keep their money in one place. This also allows users to keep rewards cards and other types of cards that offer benefits to be stored in one convenient location.


The primary goal of the digital wallet was to enhance security, and to give users a greater peace of mind in doing so. Could it be that PSI Pay is the one digital wallet that closes the gap on the market? PSI Pay, along with other digital wallets lets users keep more currencies in one place. This means that those who have euros, dollars, or even cryptocurrency can keep it all in one location. There is no longer a need for separate wallets for different currencies. Debit cards may be linked up to these accounts, allowing the users to utilize ATM machines to get money out.


Those who offer digital wallets also offer the ability to issue chargebacks should the need arise. Users also know that they can transfer cash out of their traditional bank accounts to their digital wallet with PSI Pay. Another fun fact for digital wallets? These wallets allow users to make a charge to their charge card if they wish to transfer funds into their digital wallet. It’s a big change for those who aren’t familiar with how digital the world has become. It certainly has taken the older generation by storm.


There’s no doubt that a traditional account and digital wallet all have the same benefits, but there are some similarities. Those who don’t feel the need for a traditional checking account have gotten rid of them in exchange for a digital wallet. The digital wallet is no longer a trend, but rather it’s a means of replacing the traditional way of doing things, and eliminating more paper.

Bob Reina: All Heart and Soul

When it comes to life, people need to feel alive and they need to have blood coursing through their veins. They can’t simply be going through each and every day like a zombie. It is a waste of a perfectly good life. However, it only changes for the better when people are fully living their truth. It has to be their truth. It can’t be someone else’s truth. That is where the problem has started for so many people out there: they have had to work for someone else. In some cases, it is not the worst thing in the world and can actually be good quite enjoyable if they enjoy the person they are working with and they are having a good time.


In other cases, people can be really negative, mean spirited, and they can take advantage of someone just because they are the one in charge. It is a power control move and they know it. However, there is no one to stop them or tell them to cut it out. For the person that works there, they know they have to take it. If they don’t, they might lose their job. If they lose their job, they worry about how they are going to pay their bills and how they are going to keep their head above water as well. There is a lot that goes into it. It is not as simple as quitting. Learn more: http://yourmarkontheworld.com/talk-fusion-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-mission-change-lives/


That is why Bob Reina created Talk Fusion for the people that want to start up their own company/business. This allows them the freedom to be happy and to show off their passion. Passion is one of my favorite words, honestly. When people are passionate about something, it is truly something wonderful to watch. It gets other people excited and it rubs off on them.


They start to look at their lives and they start to think of other ways to make money and other ways to do what they want to do on their own terms. They know they will do it differently and they will do it better.






HCR Wealth Advisors on the “New Retirement” Strategy

HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, provides personalized investment strategies, gives advice on market fluctuations, and also works hard to protect client privacy. HCR Wealth Advisors offers clients personalized strategies to help them to save for retirement or to plan investments.

The RIA firm also establishes long-lasting relationships with their clients that goes beyond financial advice by providing financial education and other services. The RIA firm offers information to help educate its clients on investments and the risks involved, therefore becoming an excellent source of aid for the “sandwiched” generations, individuals who may still be raising children, but are also tasked with taking care of retired parents.

According to HCR Wealth Advisors, retirement is generalized from a financial planning perspective and neglects to look into the psychological, emotional, and physical adjustments that are needed as well. These neglected aspects need more attention for those who are considering retirement. The “new retirement” helps retirees adjust from a drastic transition from an environment of employment to retirement, which sometimes can be a very dramatic change.

Despite many years of financial planning for retirement, many people are still unable to adjust after retirement. This can lead to low self-esteem, depression, procrastination, and potentially many other effects. When an individual prepares themselves emotionally and psychologically before they retire, it will help them to adjust to their new environment.

The “new retirement” strategy is to adjust your retirement plan beyond the financial perspective. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, it’s always vital to have plan B, due to potential unexpected results of the first plan. Retirement is not always a suitable transition since, if not well handled, it could lead to mental health issues and physical deterioration.

The “new retirement” is a plan on how to deal with the transition from work to retirement. To manage the relationship dynamics after retirement, it’s important to create a strong bond with the family, former workers, your partner, or friends. It creates a room for development by building good relationships. The benefits of continuity in learning new things, pursuing personal interests, and hobbies creates a new personal growth. Also taking proper care of your body will help maintain mental health. The “new retirement” is a journey to create new beginnings.

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Dr. Dov Rand May be the Key to Low Testosterone

Guys, let’s talk sex. If you are older, especially in your post-40s, you have noticed some issues with sex by now. It really does happen to all of us. Every single man that has ever and will ever exist is going to start slowing down by the time they hit their mid-40s. The question now is, what can we do about it? How do you prevent sexual issues from putting you down? Well, testosterone is a tricky thing; it has to do with more than sex as well, testosterone is responsible for appetite, depression, anxiety, and weight gain. Before you go clicking that half-priced Viagra email, let’s take a look at some of your options. This article will focus on one specific health clinic, the Healthy Aging Medical Center, and the work they are doing in testosterone related areas.


Dr. Dov Rand and his team run the Healthy Aging Medical Center. The center has a primary focus on dieting and hormones For years, Rand has been famous for his HCG diet and works with women in weight loss, but behind the curtains, Dr. Dov Rand and his team have been doing some incredible work with testosterone. See, when Rand treats patients for weight-loss he introduces them to hormones. His entire practice is built on his views and theories on hormonal imbalances, so it’s no surprise that, since inception, the practice has been treating erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues.


The reason that Dr. Dov Rand’s testosterone treatment is such a bid deal is the way that the testosterone is administered. See, most places that specifically treat male testosterone issues use synthetic hormones. While these can temporarily cause some benefits, they are terrible for you in the long run. Because Dr. Rand’s clinic is so hyper-focused on hormones, Dr. Rand started introducing bioidentical hormones a while back. Basically, these are hormones that are identical to the hormones naturally produced by the body.


So, for men with testosterone issues (basically any of us over 40), these bioidentical hormones are a breakthrough. Dr. Rand may not know that he is sitting on a gold mine. So far, the results that he has been having with male patients are incredible. If these results continue, he may just have on of the greatest medical breakthroughs of some time on his hand. Well, let’s hope he does; no-one likes not being able to perform.


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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Helps Dr. Johanan Rand Heal Patients


Graham Edwards: Leading Leadership Restructuring at Telereal Trillium

For any organization, continuity in leadership is critical in building investor confidence. Additionally, it is essential in ensuring that the employee base trusts and believes in the leadership capabilities of the senior management team. The recent leadership shakeup at Telereal Trillium is a classic example of continuity and restructuring. In the recent shakeup at the company, Graham Edwards was appointed to serve as the company’s chairman while his chief executive officer post will be taken over by Russell Gurnhill. Mr. Gurnhill’s managing director seat will be taken over by Adam Dakin who previously served in the same position. However, Mr. Dakin will take over new responsibilities at the company including the development of new service lines and businesses.


Commenting on the restructuring at the company founded in 2009, the incoming chairman held that the leadership restructuring would realign its capabilities to emerging goals and demands. He further noted that the new changes would ensure that the London-based company serves the interests of its stakeholders. Other leaders such as Graeme Hunter and Michael Hackenbroch will continue to serve as the company’s property director and finance director, respectively.


Company Profile


Graham Edwards has spent a significant part of his professional life working at Telereal. Following the sale of Trillium to Telereal in 2009, Telereal Trillium was formed. Mr. Graham became the chief executive officer of Telereal in 2001 before moving to the new formed Telereal Trillium in same capacity following its formation. His tenure was marked by exponential growth in the company’s revenues and operational capabilities. Its annual revenues grew to over £1 billion. Graham holds an Economics degree from Cambridge University.


In addition to his corporate duties, Graham Edwards is a philanthropist who has supported various causes through donations to many charitable organizations. In addition to his contributions, he also lends his expertise to multiple charities including British Friends of the Hebrew, University Portland Trust, and Voice Europe. He is also a serial investor with interests in various industries including software development and real estate. He has also invested in the mining industry. He is also a board member of various professional bodies including UK Society of Investment Professionals.


Perry Mandera Started The Custom Companies Inc

Perry Mandera has worked in the transportation industry over 30 years as an executive. Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies, Inc., in Northlake, Illinois. Along with his professional activities, Perry Mandera belongs to the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) an organization that gave him the Bishop Shell Award in 2010 and the Citizen of the Year Award in 2011.

The nonprofit organization is working hand in hand with the Police Atlantic League and the ISCC to reduce crimes and juvenile delinquencies. Also, the ISCC is working to build trust in the community between the neighborhoods and the police force, as well. Part of the organization’s work is to provide hands-on training for local law enforcement in the Chicago area (http://releasefact.com/2018/01/perry-mandera-community-support/).

Since the ISCC started, it has been hosting free seminars on different topics like gang violence, which is a problem facing many people living in the Chicago area. Also, Perry Mandera’s nonprofit organization has different kinds of other training seminars on how to protect yourself from being a victim of violence. The ISCC along with the Illinois legislation is helping pass laws to keep juvenile sex offenders, underage drug and alcohol offenders, domestic violent offenders and drunk drivers off Chicago streets.

Perry Mandera not only has helped the people in the Chicago area, but he has been giving to different organizations throughout the United States as well. After graduating from high school in 1975, Perry Mandera joined the Marine Corps Reserves. When he served in the Marine Corp, he was assigned to driving trucks. After serving in the Marine Corp he decided to seek a career in the transportation industry as an executive. In 1984, he was elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman to the 26th Ward in Chicago. As the youngest person to be elected in Chicago, he served four years from 1984 to 1988.

Since Perry Mandera started The Custom Companies, Inc. his business has grown throughout the United States (Gazetteday). The company serves thousands of customers meeting the needs of many different organizations and small businesses. The company has exceeded over $200 million in sales. The Custom Company, Inc. employs several hundreds of people nationwide throughout the United States as well.


Attorney Jeff Herman Supports Senate Bill S.809

A group of advocates called New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators is trying to get the New York legislature to pass Senate Bill S.809, the Child Victims Act. This law would eliminate the statute of limitations for children victimized by sexual predators. This coalition of activists has received a boost from two high profile individuals who have joined them in their fight. Actor Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers-Barnhard of the U.S. volleyball team are hoping their high profile status will force the Senate Republicans to pass the Child Victims Act.

Senate bill S.809 introduced by Brad Hoylman, a Democrat from Manhattan, would eliminate both civil and criminal statute of limitations in child abuse cases in New York State. Currently, there is a one-year window to allow civil action lawsuits, so an additional provision of the Senate Bill would extend for up to 50 years, the current one-year window.

This legislation, designed to help victims of child abuse, is the type of legislation that Attorney Jeff Herman, a nationally known trial lawyer and the founder and manager of Herman Law would support. His law firm prides itself on being the “voice for victims,” and for the past 25 years, Attorney Jeff Herman has worked as an advocate for people who have survived rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation. In those 25 years, Attorney Jeff Herman and Herman Law have represented more than 1,000 victims.

Attorney Jeff Herman is a passionate advocate for his clients, and the focus of his representation is not to obtain monetary awards but to find justice for the victims. He has nevertheless been successful in seven recent cases, of receiving more than $25 million in restitution for his clients.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal sponsored a version of the Child Victims Act and Governor Cuomo has included the bill as one of his top priorities this year. According to a 2018 Quinnipiac Poll, 90.6 percent of New York citizens support passage of this bill.

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Richard Dwayne Blair: A Reputable Financial Advisor For Your Needs

Are you on the lookout for a trusted financial advisor or investment advisory firm? Do you want to choose one of the best investment or financial advisors in the industry? As a new investor, it is extremely important to consult a renowned investment professional or investment advisory firm.

When it comes to enlisting the services of a renowned investment advisory firm or professional, look no further than Richard Dwayne Blair. He works with clients to have a good understanding of their specialized investment needs. For example, he has worked with many clients in Autin, Texas and surrounding areas to select investment vehicles that are suitable for their situation.

Choosing a financial planner or money management expert is an important decision and requires careful planning. With so many professionals out there offering financial and investment assistance to clients, it is extremely important to do your research properly.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced and reliable investment advisor and financial planner. Richard Dwayne Blair renders unbeatable advisory services to clients, using his Three Pillars Approach.

Any person who truly wants to receive top notch service and achieve financial success ought to get in touch with Richard Dwayne Blair right away. Richard Dwayne Blair has the industry resources to help you make the best decisions for your financial future. His vast experience in the financial services arena helps him to deliver the best possible service to his clients.

Learning to set investment or financial goals is a crucial step for those who want to improve their financial situation and secure their future.

If you are serious about managing your money properly and securing your financial future, Richard Dwayne Blair is ready to deliver the top notch advisory solution you need to meet your needs.

Richard Dwayne Blair aims to be the best professional that investors can rely on for help in managing their investments. In terms of his wealth building and financial management offerings, Richard Dwayne Blair provides customized investment plans and advice and can put you on the right path to success.


TMS Provides Great Therapy Services to Local Residents

The medical industry is an extremely important part of our society as it is responsible for ensuring the health and quality-of-life for all people. For those that are suffering from a mental health condition, receiving the proper type of care is extremely important. For those that are located in the Northern California area, and are suffering from clinical depression, finding a local mental health clinic and professional could be a great way to start the treatment process. One clinical that has continued to provide great mental health services is TMS Health Solutions.

TMS Health Solutions is a California based mental health care provider that has helped thousands of people with treatment and therapy for clinical depression and other mental health disorders. The organization has many different conveniently located clinics in practices across area. This includes clinics that are located in San Francisco, Oakland, Burlingame, and several other areas. The number and accessibility of these clinics is very important as providing easy access to a clinic will help anyone get their foot in the door.

When receiving TMS therapy Burlingame area residents suffering from clinical depression and mental health disorders will receive a number of different services and benefits. When you first meet with the clinic, the first thing they will be able to do is provide you with a full assessment. This will include having you meet with a number of different professionals to determine what the cause of your clinical depression is to develop a plan for treating you.

When you go to TMS therapy, another advantage is that you will receive a personalized care plan. Clinical depression and other mental health challenges are very unique from one person to the next. Because of this, the treatment that you received to help improve your condition can be significantly different than what somebody else will receive. TMS will do everything it can with their team of physicians and healthcare professionals to develop a convenient course of treatment that will also be active in reducing your condition.

When receiving TMS therapy Burlingame residents will also receive ongoing support. Clinical depression is not a condition that is easily overcome. Those that suffer from it can find that they can suffer a relapse even if they feel they have fully recovered. Because of this, the clinic will be able to continue to provide ongoing therapy services to ensure you continue to lead a happy life.

Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions are there for your future

Many people are lost when it comes to financial planning for their retirement. They aren’t sure how to invest. Many people have a fear that they will invest their money for retirement and then lose it. Some just don’t know where to begin. With many companies discontinuing pension plans and forcing employees to either start a 401k plan or invest their money in stocks and bonds, it can be difficult to know what the best plan is. That is where a company called Wealth Solutions comes in to play. Wealth Solutions is a company that specializes in helping individuals and companies get the best bang for their buck when it comes to retirement or investing (http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/) . They advise their customers on ways to invest and save the most money by tips like how to pay the least in taxes, and how to invest so that your money is the safest as it can be.


The founder of Wealth Solutions is Richard Blair. He started his company with the intent of easing a customer’s mind knowing their money is safe and will work for them. His grandmother, mother, and wife were all teachers and some of that rubbed off on him. He teaches people how to protect their money and how to make their retirement years comfortable and rewarding.


On the Wealth Solutions website http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/, Richard Blair gives seven tips for successful investors. Although all seven of them are extremely important, the culmination of the tips tells investors to not panic, think before you sell/buy, and don’t let a bad investment get you down. It is really important to take the time to think before you rush into anything. One example would be to not pull out of an investment because it took a dip. It may not be a permanent dip and it may be able to recover. Being too hasty can cause you to lose money.


Wealth Solutions also has seven areas of expertise: retirement, investment, estate, insurance, tax, money, and lifestyle. On the website, all of these areas are explained. You will get a brief definition of these areas of expertise from the site, but you would get a much more in depth explanation when you contact them and let their experts walk you through all your options. The experts all have some kind of banking, management or investment background and are willing to sit down with you and guide you through the options that fit your wanted outcome. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/contact