ClassDojo: What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

It’s hard to feel connected with your childrens’ school lives. Nowadays, everything from homework questions to science projects are created and finished, in their majority, online. Often, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to schedule a meeting with your child’s educator to go over their progress and the overall enjoyment of your child’s education.

This is the inspiration for the newest in educational technology: the ClassDojo app. Using this app, parents, teachers, students, and other educators will be able to communicate anytime, without the need to share personal contact information.

There are four different segments of the ClassDojo app, the first being the online Classroom. This is the section in which parents work together with both teachers and students to create the perfect, ideal classroom. It can be personalized to fit every student’s individual needs, so you won’t have to compromise with your child’s learning methods.

Messages is the place you’ll be able to communicate with teachers and other members of the educational staff. You can reach your child’s teacher at almost any time, except for the specially marked “Quiet Hours.”

Stories are the fun part for students and parents alike. Here, you’ll be able to watch and share videos, pictures, and other media with your child. He or she will be able to share work and other aspects of their school day that you just won’t have access to anywhere else. It’s the best way to watch your child grow and learn, every day.

Last but certainly not least, Big Ideas can help both you and your child’s teacher work together to teach your child the big things in life. With plenty of videos made by award-winning designers, you’re sure to “revamp” your style when it comes to your children’s education.

ClassDojo will soon be an indispensable part of your child’s education. Why not give it a try, and start communicating with your child and their teachers now?

US Progress In Cancer Prevention

Most US Cancer treatment Centers provide a wide range of oncology services through an integrated model patient. Many care enough to have the best equipment, suitable for the treatment of the conditions of people. That is, oncologists working in multidisciplinary groups which can advance technology to achieve not only healing but also prevention.

The US has has several of the best private centers operating in isolation in cancer treatment or in global centers, in case the National Medical Center provides cancer drugs for the care of patients with hematological disease or by leukemias, as well as does the Live Help Foundation. It is an institution that does not depend on the state to survive, but American aid in combination with North American cancer centers, which caters to children 12 years old and under. Not only does the US have the best Cancer Centers in the world, but it readily helps other countries as well.

For information to be accessible, US cancer treatment centers reveal treatments of cancer in confidence to patients. There are also international protocols or management guidelines for almost all cancers. Of course, there are very difficult cases to diagnose what is necessary to the opinion of a panel of experts pathologists even with special tests. But this is what is sometimes referred to as a tumor advisory committee, where fortunately everyone can do their part in testing so that some type of diagnosis can be made, and with accuracy.

In medicine, precise care is an art and science, while what counts is the accurate diagnosis and no diagnostic impressions, should in any case be insubordinate. Let’s not also forget that these centers are to be added in various places all over the nation, for voluntary and self – help groups. This is an important part in the recovery, because it is a disease with many nuances. In the fight against cancer, I would say that the US provides hope of a victory.

Talos Energy: Expanding Oil Drilling In The Gulf Coast

As of May 21, a new offshore well was sunk off the Gulf of Mexico for the first time in 80 years.  The private company Talos Energy LLC located in Houston, Texas merged with foreign competitors Premier Oil Plc and Sierra Oil & Gas to sink the Zama-1 well.  The three oil companies won rights to the Sureste Basin by the state of Tabsco in 2015 in first round bidding in Mexico.  Since 1938, the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos ran the oil industry off the coast of Mexico.  But with a failing oil industry, Mexico opened the oil industry to foreign competitors.

At a total cost of $16 million for the Zama-1 well, Edison Investment Research Ltd. believes the well basin to be in an optimal geological location for high success.  The well is estimated to hold 100 to 500 million barrels of crude oil.  Talos Energy LLC owns 35% in the venture and will be directly operating the well.  Oil partners Sierra Oil & Gas owns 40% and Premier Oil Plc holds 25% of the venture.

Talos Energy LLC is an upstream gas and oil company that is focused on oil drilling locations in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.  The privately owned oil and gas company started with $600 million in equity from such investment backers as Riverstone Holding LLC, Apollo Global Management LLC and Talos management.  Starting with 15 employees, drilling operations in the Gulf Coast increased jobs within Talos Energy LLC to 120 employees.  Since field operations have expanded in the Gulf of Mexico, Talos is producing over 16,000 barrels of oil per day.

Recently, WorkplaceDynamics named Talos the best workplace for local small businesses.  To compensate for hard work, receptionists, geoscientists and other employees located at the Houston office can share a piece of equity within the company.  In February, Talos purchased a subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions for $620 million.  While Talos searches for new expansions for oil and gas drilling locations, the company is expected to gross a revenue of $475 to $500 million this year.  With constant increasing revenue, Talos Energy LLC is set to hire more employees in the near future.

White Shark Media: The Solution to Your Marketing Practices

White Shark Media is an agency that deals with Digital marketing. It offers solutions to online marketing, for both small and medium-sized enterprises. This agency has grown as a result of its high reputation of marketing campaigns which are cost effective, and also their provision of exemplary customer experience. A high number of businesses operating in the USA has grown with the help of the online strategies developed by White Shark Media. Their marketing tools and ability to trace their client’s efforts in marketing have also resulted in the growth of many of these companies. The firm has a high commitment to the accountability of its clients by fully utilizing competitive intelligence, call tracking, reporting software, and also Google Analytic integration.

The company was founded by three experienced entrepreneurs namely Alexander Nygart, Andrew Lolk, and Gary Garth back in 2011. They had acquired vast knowledge and information about online and offline marketing. Their aim was to surpass the SMB market prevailing in Latin America and the United States. This could be achieved by providing exceptional services and products to the customers in these regions. Eventually, they managed to achieve their goal. They share valuable knowledge on business matters with their clients so as to allow them to become more successful in their respective fields.

This company has managed to retain their first client,thus, certifying that they are satisfied with the services provided to them. Currently, they have managed to employ over 150 employees in 3 nations. These persons master in Display Advertising, Bing Ads, AdWords Search, and also Google Analytic services. Google identified the company’s prompt growth in 2012 which was followed by their invitation to Mountain View California so as to collaborate with Google HQ. They were then provided with a support team which was going to promote the corporation’s development and at the same time cater to the client’s needs.

In July 2014, White Shark was awarded the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partnership. Few companies have managed to attain such recognition as this award goes to only agencies that meet Google’s training requirements and also its highest achievable eligibility. This impressed the Microsoft Corporation who recently requested White Shark Media to collaborate with them in their program which is based on Bing Ads Authorized Reseller.


Cassio Audi and His Early Music Career

Before he became an influential executive figure in the industry of finance, Cassio Audi was a professional musician. He was one of the founding members of VRB (Viper Rock Band). Together with his bandmates, Cassio Audi started music in 1985. His bandmates included Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, and Yves Passarel. Cassio Audi was incredibly good with instruments and his role in the band was to play drums. He did it perfectly to keep up with the performance of the band. The group was inspired by the heavy metal music of Britain and Iron Maiden.
With his expertise in drums, Cassio Audi and his band mates traversed the world with their first demo album known as the Killer Sword. The demo album consisted of several tracks, including Killera, Princess from Hell, and Nightmare. The same tracks were included on their first album but with a little adjustment. They managed to release their first album, Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. The production of the album illustrates that they have talent and are meant for greater things. Even though the group possessed excellent skills, some fans and critics thought that they still needed tuning and refinement.
According to Allmusic, Soldiers of Sunrise receive a four-star recognition, and it has been released and redone many times since the debut of the original copy. However, Casio Audi left music industry in 1989 when his band was on the verge of releasing a second album, Theatre of Fate. He managed to take part in the creation of the album before it was released, and because of his participation, the album became successful. It was released in several nations including, Europe, United States, Japan, and China.
When he left music industry, Cassio Audi joined Pontifical Catholic University, from where he received his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. Audi also attended Sao Paulo University, from where he earned his MBA in Finance. Cassio Audi has managed to acquire a lot of skills in the management and financial industry.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Enters Into a Partnership with Two Other Giant Cancer Facilities to Launch an Integrated Platform for Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has joined hands with the NantHealth and Allscripts to implement a custom technical solution. The new platform will enable Eviti to access clinical workflows in the detailed Allscripts’ Sunrise electronic health record. The seamless integration of the clinical decision support solution will help the Clinical pathways to report the cancer treatment progress without coming into the way of the physician’s medical workflow.

The interface of the Nanthealth operating system (NantOS) was designed taking into consideration the input of some oncologists from every corner the nation, and it holds a complete compilation of the ever changing cancer care data. The new system is designed and built to help cancer patients’ access better medical services. Clinical pathways put together the most recent cancer research, treatment procedures and corresponding therapies that should accompany such procedures into the Allscripts Sunrise HER. Therefore, it gives the oncologists the opportunity to create an effective treatment procedure and therapies for their patients.

Clinical Pathways encourages a higher degree of transparency around the therapeutic selection and care delivery for cancer patients. It also helps to significantly improve the quality and efficiency by cutting down variability in care. With such an all-inclusive platform, patients and their physicians can now discuss and compare different treatment regimens, which enhance the patient’s assurance of the suitability of the proposed treatment and therapies. Clinical Pathways can also hasten approval by health insurance providers by providing them with the essential clinical data to support the proposed treatment regimens.

About CTCA
Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTA) is a countrywide association of five hospitals that provide treatment and care for adults suffering from various types of cancer. CTCA provides an integrated approach to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and care. It combines the recent trends in genomic testing and cancer treatment, immunotherapy and chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and supportive therapies that seek to support cancer patients both physically and emotionally.

Find more information on Cancer Treatment Centers of America on LinkedIn.

Omar Yunes, a Franchisee At the Top

In today’s world in which brands have become international names and scour the world, it is hard to be at the top. However, one man in a sea competing franchises have found that his hard work and innate leadership ability has paid off, this man is Omar Yunis winner of this year’s Best Franchisee Award in Venice Italy.

Omar Yunis started in the franchise business at a young age when at the age of 21 he became part of the franchise of Sushi Itto a Japanese Sushi chain in his home of Mexico. From starting with one franchise, Omar worked over the years to expand his franchise range. Over the past few years, he franchised highly rated 13 Sushi Itto units in Mexico City and other parts of Mexico which make up 10 percent of Sushi Itto’s stores worldwide. Needless to say that one with such an entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age would win the Best Franchisee Award. This is a distinguished award in Mexico which until recently has had a problem of franchisees maintaining their franchises to the quality of the company they are working with. This has changed recently with Omar breaking the mold.

While the award itself is a major win for Omar, it also shows the dedication he has been committed to all these years. For BFA the winner is not merely the person who owns the most franchises but one who has the best quality of franchises in which both revenue and physical value. This came easily to Omar Yunes who keeps a sharp eye on his franchises and works well with employees to instill a sense of pride and commitment to the brand they are representing. By keeping this personal touch despite being a multiple franchisee who has won the dedication of his employees and respect of his CEO who praised him highly.

By committing oneself to excellence and by being personally involved in a venture you do not only bring in money but respect and acknowledgment amongst your peers. By winning this award, Omar Yunes has a bright future ahead of him.

Now, Sushi Itto is preparing for its next installment in Mexico.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America takes a Holistic Approach in Diagnosing Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has united with Allscripts and NantHealth towards implementing a technical solution that is customed to assist Eviti to access the workflows of clinics of Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Record (EHR). The technical support will be efficient in informing matters concerning cancer treatment without interrupting with the workflow of the physician. The direct Interface has been developed through a critical consideration of different oncologists who are spread across the nation, and it also integrates data collected regarding cancer care in it.

The system has been designed with the patient in mind, and it reduces chances of clinician guesswork during their work routine. It has also improved care delivery and transparency. The system also creates a platform where patient and their clinical teams can discuss treatment progress. This creates patient confidence, improves efficiency, and the quality of care. Additionally, this integration of the Eviti Solution with Allscripts Sunrise EHR for Clinical Pathways has also improved record-keeping especially those regarding cancer evidence-based treatment.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), is located in Boca Raton, Fl. It has a network of five primary hospitals spread across the US that mainly focus on serving cancer patients. It was founded by Richard J Stephenson, who was motivated after the death of her mother due to cancer. It is an accredited center, and it earns full standard compliance from the Joint Commission and other relevant bodies.

The CTCA is mainly recognized due to its approach to treating cancer. It uses integrative treatment model through conventional methods such as chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy. Additionally, it also offers evidence-informed therapies to manage side effects of cancer. It is staffed with cancer experts who are very knowledgeable with using leading-edge technologies and other advanced treatment methods. It achieves all these under one roof. It is a holistic reliable cancer treatment center.

Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto Wins Best Franchise Owner Of The World Award

Omar Yunes is the owner of multiple Sushi Itto outlets in Mexico. A businessman and entrepreneur, he is known for buying out numerous outlets and making them one of the best of their kind. He uses his expertise in the field of business to lead his stores to make them successful. He is the owner of over thirteen franchises of Sushi Itto, which are all located in prime locations in the city of Mexico. His outlets contribute to almost ten percent of the total amount of profits that the company makes. Omar Yunes bought his first franchise when he was only twenty-one years old. Since then, his business has grown tremendously, getting him to where he is in his career today. He alone has set Sushi Itto on a path of success and has contributed to their overall growth and development.

Recently, Omar Yunes was given the award for the best franchise owner in the world. The award was presented to them earlier this year and was the only representative to come from Mexico. The awards are given to people who show exemplary skill and contribution to the company that their franchise belongs to. The awards committee assesses the individual skill of the individual and not the overall growth of the brand as a whole. The awards ceremony was conducted in Florence, Italy and saw franchise owners from all over the world. Omar Yunes was considered a perfect fit for the best franchise award was owing to the immense contribution he has made to Sushi Itto.

Omar Yunes was extremely ecstatic to be the proud recipient of this award. He has always been a business-minded person, and to see his efforts paying off is something that he is extremely proud of. By winning this award, Omar Yunes has established his place in the franchise industry and has made his mark on the company.

Even the CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo was extremely happy for Omar Yunes on receiving this award. According to him, it shows the excellence that his company stands and also the dedication that the franchise owners have towards his company.

Eva Moskowitz and Success Academy Open Online Resources for Educators Nationwide

Eva Moskowitz, CEO of Success Academy, is making headlines by announcing the opening of the Educational Institute, an online library of resources for charter schools to access that emulates the winning formula perfected in her New York charter schools. Success Academy has 41 brick and mortar locations currently, and hopes to use the online platform to expand to 100 charter locations nationwide by 2024.


A condo in Midtown was recently purchased by Success Academy, and Eva Moskowitz stated in a recent press conference she plans to use the location for training educators in the charter system. One of her highest priorities is providing students with a love and capability of reading, and Moskowitz wants to empower colleagues to do the same in their communities.


The Ed Institute will feature video’s, lesson plan’s, reading lists, and more through the online platform. Educators can be confident that the system Eva Moskowitz is offering is highly effective judging by the results of Success Academy schools performance in New York standardized testing. The lowest performing school ranked higher in overall reading comprehension and math test scores than other charter schools with a student base in more affluent areas. In fact, most of the 14,000 students currently enrolled in Success Academy come from low income homes, making the test results even more impressive.


The Broad Prize was recently awarded to Eva Moskowitz, offering further evidence of her “outstanding academic outcomes”. No other charter school network has been able to consistently perform at the level of Success Academy, and it is hoped that the Ed Institute will help change this. In fact, Success Academy already sees regular visitors observing lessons, and students are accustomed to both parents and other educators being in the classroom with them. This transparency is a breath of fresh air for smaller charter school networks looking to change their curriculum.


Teachers receive guidance on how to structure their lesson plans. “Shared text” is a focus that has students reading aloud portions of the texts, and reading lists are given for at home learning. This is part of the “balanced literacy” vision that teaches students to learn how to communicate more effectively with all members of the community.


Another recommendation is to enable teachers to focus solely on educating children, and removes the administrative burden from their shoulders with the creation of an operations team. This team handles all items not directly related to educating. When the model is fully enacted, it is easy to see how Eva Moskowitz is a pioneer in charter education, and offers creative solutions for revolutionizing early childhood education.