Taking Time Off

When someone has a baby, most companies will let that person take some time off to nurse the baby and heal from the delivery. President Obama wants federal companies to giver their workers at least six weeks of paid vacation after an adoption or the birth of a baby. This vacation time would be paid. Obama also wants other companies in the rest of the country to take those some regulations so that their employees will be able to enjoy the time spent with a new child without the worry of reporting back to work in only a few weeks.  Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the many companies/offices in agreement with this plan. This is a common sense plan that should already be in place. Just because a woman has a baby doesn’t mean that she wouldn’t want to return to work. If she weren’t planning on going back to the job, then she would probably let the company know before the baby arrives.

How To Replace Your Ex On a Trip

Vacation are undeniably a fun time, but they can also be quite stressful on relationships, and all of the pressure that big events such as trips can put on just how the relationship carries forward according to Ben Shaoul.

If you happen to use reddit or check the entertainment news on the internet often, you probably happened to come across the story of Jordan Axani, the Canadian man who had bought a world-round trip for his girlfriend but broke up with her in the meanwhile.

In order to avoid wasting the expensive trips which was nonrefundable, the young man announced that anyone with the name Elizabeth Gallagher could claim the trip. The joke was good! You will not believe it, but the right person was found.

A 23-year-old Elizabeth Gallagher won her trip after surpassing the other 8 concurrents. She has a boyfriend, but does not see the chance to get an amazing world tour like this one by other means soon, so she decided to take her chance. Elizabeth said that her boyfriend was not too happy to let her travel with a stranger, but at the same time they both understood that this chance was rare.


Big Changes In Scenery Coming to Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is one of the most popular destinations in the world for tourists to visit. The park opened in 1971 to much fanfare and has remained an exciting destination for families and fans of Disney ever since. However, the park has been known to undergo major renovations for the sake of adding different types of entertainment or for removing what has been deemed to be behind the times. For fans of the landmark animated film “Fantasia,” a sad bit of news recently came from Disney.

The iconic large scale representation of the sorcerer’s hat featured in the film’s most famous sequence is to be removed from its current location. It has yet to be confirmed if the statue will be moved to another location in the park or if it is being retired permanently from public display at the resort. The announcement has brought attention to criticisms that the statue has faced over the years. Religious groups opposed its use as an icon due to the connotations of witchcraft. Some business analysts of Disney like the Alhokair Group have cited the use of the hat as a company and park icon is outdated and that the company should find a more modern symbol to use for its branding.

Since a date for the hat’s removal is still unannounced, many Disney enthusiasts are making it a priority to visit the park as soon as possible.