Waiakea Partners With Pump Aid to Supply Water To Poor Communities

Waiakea Spring, a Hawaiian water company that produces sustainable, locally sourced, volcanic water, has recently partnered with a company that travels around the globe to provide sustainable water systems to poor communities. The company that builds sustainable water sources, Pump Aid, discussed the many ways Waiakea Water has facilitated their mission to provide sustainable water to communities all over the world.

According to Organic Authority, one Pump Aid representative stated that Waiakea Water served poor communities on a consistent basis through their generous funding of Pump Aid’s water initiatives, promotion of sustainable water practices, and donation of millions of bottles of water over the course of the last year. Learn more about Waiakea Spring: https://www.specialtyfood.com/organization/108722/waiakea-inc/

Waiakea’s Funding of Pump Aid’s Water Initiatives

The Pump Aid representative stated that Waikea’s provision of financial support of the company’s water expansion initiative was unquestionably the most vital factor in the success of the initiate. Waiakea’s executives decided to contribute funding to the Pump Aid project in the latter portion of last year and the company has since committed to funding the project for its duration. Pump Aid representatives stated that the funding from Waiakea provided thousands of people with food and shelter as they traveled the world to build water resources for poor communities.

Promotion of Sustainable Water Practices

Pump Aid representatives also stated that Waiakea Water promotion of sustainable water practices in the United States has been tremendously effective with helping the company to sustain additional funding sources. Waiakea has drawn a large amount of attention to the water crisis that underprivileged countries face every year.

Ebeverage Services said that through Waiakea Water promotion of sustainable water practices, Pump Aid has been able to attain the funding to build twice as many water pumps in poor areas than they originally planned. Waiakea executives have developed a plan to increase the awareness of the water crisis around the world and hope to secure additional funding for the project.

Donation of Millions of Bottles of Water

The representatives from the Pump Aid project also discussed Waiakea’s generous donation of millions of bottles of water to foreign relief programs. Pump Aid was able to distribute beneficial, volcanic bottled water to thousands of families all over the world with the help of Waiakea’s donations.

Company officials at Waiakea water have stated that the company is excited about Pump Aid’s mission and looked forward to contributing to the project in any way they could. Waiakea’s company mission is to establish clean water systems throughout the world.