Reviewing White Shark Media’s Development Model

White Shark Media as a company has always gone the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Being a marketing firm, they understand the importance of maintaining good publicity and building a strong brand.

The company offers AdWords and management services in the US, Canada and in Europe. As part of their daily interactions, White Shark Media understands the need to engage and retain clients who form part of their stakeholders. Communication happens to be one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal for a small firm like White Shark Media.

Their main clients include small and medium companies seeking Google analytics services as well as the formulation, evaluation and management of new or existing campaigns. Numbers do not lie, with their services in high demand they have managed to keep many clients happy. says that professionalism is perhaps the trait that stands out most about this company. Customer testimonials reveal how White Shark Media engage and involve the client in every stage of the project. Furthermore, their communication loop serves all stakeholders and keeps them afloat with real-time developments. Read more at

However, White Shark Media as a company were no always such smooth operators according to their Facebook page. They had to embrace criticism levelled towards them from clients and other stakeholders. This move came from the realization that just like human beings, organizations err in their operations. Most of the areas they felt they could improve include communication, staff training, and motivation, industry expertise and relevance as well as performance.

Some of the key adjustments that White Shark Media made include making communication with all stakeholders an important daily mandate. Also, they made sure all clients understood all details relating to their projects. This way, the client could feel comfortable with the implementation of such campaigns. Another factor that significantly improved the customer experience was attaching each project to a designated employee. The staff, on the other hand, links directly with the client and are required to schedule monthly progress evaluation meetings.

The White Shark Media success story provides vital lessons to other firms on embracing complaints and constructive criticism. For more information on how the company overturned complaints to compliments click

Clients can attest to the exceptional customer experience at White Shark Media where even the CEO takes a proactive role in shaping their corporate brand. Furthermore, their thoroughly formulated campaigns guarantee relevant solutions for the problem at hand.