Travelling Vineyard advice to wine lovers.

There is much to tasting wine other than just opening different new bottles and sampling their reach tastes compared to others. These days tasting wine has become more of a social event where a group of friends and other people meet at a particular vineyard and interact as they taste the wine on offer. This trend has become more popular with many viewing the experience as a relaxing escape where they get to chart and enjoy a drinking wine.

These wine tasting adventures get held in private homes due to the unique appeal they possess and also due to the informal atmosphere that these private dwellings offer. In such a setting the host of the wine tasting gets to do things at their own pace leaving the guest to interact freely. Doing this leaves the host to prepare the type of wine they guests will enjoy eventually.

Wine tasting is not a complicated thing to do as it demands very little to be done in order to be successful as one would hope to be. In a way, it can be considered as a simple party to host as it requires very little shopping to do apart from the wines needed. The preparation and cleanup are also not that complicated to do as long as a good wine station gets prepared. In addition to this, if the different wines for tasting are not that expensive then the whole event would be surprisingly affordable to host.

To host a successful wine tasting event, always be sure to choose or pick a common theme featuring a few array of wine. The second thing that one ought to remember is to assemble the wine and the other supplies that would be needed prior the day of the event.

As a company, Travelling Vineyard provides some of the best locations and homes where one can visit and get to taste and experience some of the best wine on offer for wine tasting. The company operates through the provision of a home-based wine tasting wine experience for those that cannot travel to other countries to do it. Travelling Vineyard has more than one thousand guides found in forty states across the United States of America who facilitate the wine tasting experience. The company markets itself and found on various social media platforms. They include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Travelling Vineyard guides all offer 21 different types of wines to wine lovers that visit them. The company also provides various incentives for those who join them such as bonuses and commissions of 15-35 percent on the sales made each month. They also award elect wine openers to those who decide to join them.

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UKV PLC Explains The Reasons Behind The Success Of Its French Wines Sales

The success of French wines has seen more than a billion bottles produced each year in the world’s leading wine producing nation. French wines have developed a history of being the best available in the world, largely because of the unique conditions available for growing grapes in the nation; the unique growing conditions for grapes in France vary by the region and transfer the unique characteristics of the area it was grown in to change the way a specific wine tastes, according to U.K. based wine merchant UKV PLC.

In France, the government takes the control of wine bottling and labels so seriously that it developed the Appellation system that provides a range of information about the region specific grapes were grown in. The experts at UKV PLC explain the Appellation system is not only designed to provide information, but also rates each area for the quality of the soil and climate for growing specific grapes. Over the entire nation of France their are billions of bottles of wine produced in different price ranges that have their quality rated by the Appellation system that is used by experts and wine buyers to choose their wines.

UKV PLC has been in business for a number of years and looks to provide information for its customers about best vineyards and wineries in Europe that are featured regularly on the Instagram and Facebook pages of this wine merchant. French vineyards and wineries play a prominent role in the social media presence of UKV PLC as they look to give an insight into the conditions and glamorous buildings that make up some of the top vineyards in the world.

The need to provide information about European wineries and vineyards is great with UKV PLC as these make up the majority of the wines that are sold through the company.

UKV PLC has grown relationships with some of the largest vineyards and wine producers in the world whose wines are sold through this vintners who have reached the highest level of success in the fine wines industry.

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Open Your Own Home Business, And Have A Glass Of Wine Doing It

Did you ever wish that you could find a decent business to run from your home, so that you didn’t have to punch a time clock or leave your house to do it?

There is a way to do that, and have a party and drink some wine all at the same time.

You can make money with Traveling Vineyard. They will help you every step of the way. They will provide the party invitations, the wines to be tasted, and the snacks that will go with the wines. And most important, they will provide the order forms for you to sell wines to your friends and acquaintances at your wine tasting party.

All of Traveling Vineyard’s wines are of the highest quality, from specially selected chateaux around the world. They are taste-tested by professionals before they are allowed to have the Traveling Vineyard label attached to the bottle.

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The next thing to do is ask one of your friends to host a wine tasting party, and invite more friends. While you are making new contacts and friends, and new customers, your older customers are about ready to re-order their wines, or try new ones. The wine sells itself. Studies indicate that 80% of wine sales are spur of the moment, impulse sales. Think of the possibilities when people are aware that they might want to purchase delicious wines from elite chateaux!

Whether you want to have some fun and make some money, or want a fast-moving, growing home business, contact Traveling Vineyard!


The Antique Wine Company’s Luxury Wines and Services

The Antique Wine Company is a leading international dealer in rare and fine wine. The company began operations in 1982 and was started by Stephen Williams. Williams currently serves as the company’s CEO. Its main office is in Central London’s lively Marylebone. Although the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, it reaches a broad global network of consumers. It has a couple of sales offices located in Asia, too. The Antique Wine Company caters to about 20,000 clients who reside in approximately 70 countries all around the world.

The Antique Wine Company is a source of rare and fine wines and spirits for the global wine trade, individuals, restaurants and eateries everywhere. Although The AWC trades first-rate wines, its offered services go beyond just that. The company’s other available services include wine storage, wine insuring, wine master classes, cellar management, cellar design, cellar planning and investment. They frequently assist and advise wine cellars that are situated in luxury hotels, palaces, châteaux and private homes all across the globe.

Their objective, however, is to trade superior wine that spans the ages.

The Antique Wine Company has a vast selection of wine. Its cellars are home to more than 10,000 of the greatest and most sought after vintage wines in existence. The Antique Wine Company is renowned for having an assortment of fine wines that is unparalleled. Clients of The Antique Wine Company can choose between many wines from all over Europe and even the New World. The company trades fine wines from regions such as Provence, France, Bordeaux, France, the Rhone Valley, France, Spain, Italy, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Not only does The Antique Wine Company trade fine wines and spirits from many destinations around the world, but they also trade many different kinds of wines. Clients of the merchant can search their large collection for sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, sweet wines and fortified wines, for example. They can also search for high-quality Armagnac, assorted spirits and whisky.

The company received significant attention in July of 2011 when restaurant owner and wine steward (sommelier) Christian Vanneque bought a $123,000 bottle of wine from them. The bottle was a Chateau d’Yquem made in 1811. Vanneque intended to use the pricey bottle as decoration at a Balinese dining establishment he ran.