Rona Borre Gives a Lesson on How to Make It Big

Rona Borre is a sensation, let’s just start with that. She has formed a company that is a world leader in the staffing industry, and she has gone head to head with some of the world’s biggest agencies and won.

Rona Borre specializes in the placement of technological and financial professionals because that is what companies need and want when they are expanding and climbing to the nest level of corporate growth. Her fledgling company in 2001 started from the beginning and became a strong competitor in the staffing industry because of Borre’s skills, preparation and ability to train and convince others over to her philosophical side.

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When she recruited account execs to her team in Instant Alliance, the name she gave to her company, she trained them to form relationships with the client company in detail. They need to know all about the firm they are finding the recruits for, their leadership, the culture and all the details. Then, and only then, will the perfect candidate be found.

It is not a shotgun approach, but a surgical one and that is why it works so well. That is also the reason that there is an attrition rate of only 1% for the new hires that come from Instant Alliance.  More on