The Contributions of Eric Pulier In Determining the Future of Entrepreneurial World

Many people have invested in different financial and entrepreneurial fields in the recent years. This has been facilitated with the increased number of investment priorities that have been witnessed with the rise and expansion of the global market. Many other professionals have also taken center stage in transforming these fields. Eric Pulier is a recognized business personality and entrepreneur that has invested in the financial world over many years. He is gifted with the gift of developing and spearheading the achievements of many companies globally. His skills of developing businesses from scratch to international levels have been witnessed by the rising number of companies he has participated in their establishment. Eric Pulier was born in New Jersey, United States of America. Due to his love for technology, he began computer programing when he was still in high school. This was his major contribution towards establishment of a company that would later grow into a recognized entity. He later joined Harvard University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and American literature. He has been termed as one of the most innovative person to have attended the Harvard University.

After graduating from the university, he established a company called people doing things. This was a company that focused in finding solutions to everyday life challenges. The company focused in addressing life challenges using technology. The incorporation of technology in the company enabled health care and education system to find a platform in which they used to address their challenges. He also established Star bright World which is a social platform that has been used by people suffering from related diseases to air their views and sentiments. This has resulted in the development of proper healthcare and provision of improved services to patients.

Eric Pulier has participated in the philanthropic activities that have touched the lives of many people across the world. He has generously contributed towards the Painted Turtle which is an organization that deals with people suffering from chronic diseases. He also participated in the Clinton foundation where he has contributed towards ensuring effective cloud computing while significantly reducing the cost of operation in communities around US.

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No Explanation for Collapse in Venezuela

Many of the people who live in Venezuela are asking how the government could have let the state get into such a disarray. According to Dateas, many of the shelves in grocery stores have nothing on them as there is a food shortage. Government offices close for two or more days a week in order to save the little bit of electricity that is available. Since there is a lack of food and other necessities, people have started turning to crime to get what they want and need. Some like Norka Luque think that it all started with the price of oil going up to a high amount. There has been a lack of money to pay bills that are owed to other countries. The government just doesn’t seem to care anymore about anything except making sure the people who work in the government have what they need. Over $100 billion is owed to other countries. If the debts aren’t paid and the shortages don’t improve, then there will likely not be a Venezuela any longer.