Brazil’s Successful Real Estate Investor– Jose Auriemo Neto

Jose Auriemo Neto is Brazilian based businessman who invests in the real estate industry. He is the chief executive officer of JHSF Participacoes and has held the position since 2003. The company was first founded in 1972 by two brothers as a construction company which was known as the JHS. In 1990 the firm split and JHSF Par was established as a real estate company. What’s more, Jose Auriemo Neto joined the company in 1993, three years after its establishment as a real estate company.

How Jose Auriemo Neto grew JSHF Company

Notably, it was Mr. Neto’s initiative to have the company have an asset base of the large sectors of real estate in the Brazilian market. Jose Auriemo Neto helped on this when he founded the company’s service department and created a parking lot management firm in 1997. Again, in 1998 he started a shopping center department which he did when he gained the rights to develop JHSF’s first shopping mall known as Shopping Santa Cruz.

Moreover, The development of Shopping Santa Cruz marked the beginning of JHSF’s portfolio on the development of the shopping malls. With this, the company started its specialization on innovations of world-class malls that came up after that. Some of the already established malls include Shopping Ponta Negra, Cidade Jardim Shops, Shopping Bela Vista, Shopping Cidade Jardim and Catarina Fashion Outlet.

Further, under Mr. Neto the company grew exponentially to become an industry leader in the real estate sector in Brazil. Notably, as at 2017, the company had its real estate projects having more than 6 million square meters of its development. JHSF’s portfolio in all sectors includes an executive airport, shopping malls, upscale hotels and restaurants, and commercial and residential developments.

Furthermore, the company has been involved in developing real estate properties outside Brazil to Uruguay and New York, United States. Additionally, with the expansive growth of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has had to even relocate from time to time with his family as he concentrates on the company’s core business.


Five Investment Strategies From Chris Linkas

There are certain questions from people about investing their money on individual stocks, the economy, the market and even the research opinions of people like Chris Linkas, the European Head of Credit. People who want to invest their money should always be aware of five investment strategies which are not so common to the average investor. In this way, they will have no doubt about the financial decisions they make with their hard-earned money.

  1. The so-called experts do not really know everything

Yes, your fund manager and professional investors can access massive financial information and data. You may think that they know everything about making profitable investments. But the market is still greater than all of them combined. That’s why most fund managers commit big investment mistakes. So, don’t just believe them. Do your own due diligence as Chris Linkas would.


2. Don’t get burned on a stock forever

Many investors, when they lose on a stock, will turn away from that stock forever. This is a mistake. If you do this, you will reduce your field of investment unnecessarily. You must understand that the only permanent thing in this world is change. That is also true in the stock market (


3. Safe stocks are also vulnerable

So-called defensive stocks can also be affected by adverse stock trends. When there is a shift in the market, these types of stocks are also liable of taking big and massive hits. This happened in 2015 when some preferred shares performed very badly in the stock market.


4. Don’t believe every take-over rumor that you hear

Rumors of takeovers are a plenty as Chris Linkas, an investor in real estate knows. Takeover rumors have been going on for many years, and yet there are investors who still own one thousand various stocks. Perhaps there are a few rumors that will come out to be true and take overs may happen. But most of these rumors will not result in take overs.


5. Don’t trade because of news events

Many investors trade their stocks because of sensational news or announcements. When the news turned out to be fake and the announcement did not come true, they move on and look for another trade.



The Pivotal Role of Graham Edwards at Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards Telereal became the CEO of Telereal Trillium since its formation in 2001. Edward has a business interest in real estate, mining, software, engineering, and water. He attended the Cambridge University where he studied economics. Graham is also an active philanthropist. Currently, he is on the board of Portland Trust, UJIA, and One Voice Europe among others.

Graham Edward plays a pivotal role at Telereal Trillium. Since he became the CEO, the deal he set at the company has influenced the culture as well as the makeup of the company in many ways. The culture of realizing what was previously of unseen value as well as of the strategic growth by the use of partnerships has yielded a company with many property holdings.

To understand the impact Edward Graham Telereal has had to the company; you have to consider the deal that started it all in 2001. This deal saw the BT seal a 30-year partnership with Telereal Trillium that later led the company to acquire 6,700 properties that had a floor of 59.2 million square feet.

The company deals with commercial holdings management as well as investment. It has its headquarters in London ( The company had £ 3.2 billion for managing buildings such as job centers for job and Pensions Department. It also had the management of property that was used by DVLA.

Apart from the company paying the whole UK corporation tax last year, it directed its £163 million profits as share dividends to the parent company that is located on the British Virgin Island. As from 2010, the Telereal group has been able to give £673 million as shares payments to the parent company.

As Telereal Trillium is planning to change the global economy in future rapidly, it is profoundly influenced by the role of Graham Edwards in the company. His role as a CEO has seen the company rise and progress towards owning many holdings and generating great revenues. His tenure has also seen the establishment and refinement of the culture of the company whose priority is the development of talent as well as the potential that is within the employees.


The Labor Union Hero James Larkin

Folk Hero and Activist James Larkin was born on January 21, 1876, and later created the biggest union as a labor organizer without any extensive education founding the Irish Citizen Army.

Before becoming a full-time organizer in 1905, James Larkin was a socialist and his mission was committing himself to get workers fair pay and under fair work conditions. It wasn’t always easy trying to stand for what’s right, and having everyone on his side when it came to initiating strikes for workers, rather they were skilled or not skilled, they were not getting the wages they really deserved.

James Larkin had to experience some difficult obstacles getting his point across, because he did not want Irishmen to become involved in the First World War. He never resorted to violence being a labor organizer, instead his intention for strikes was out of peace and sympathy, and just wanting to boycott goods.

The most memorable strike to date James Larkin led was in 1913, being responsible for over 100,000 workers going on strike for about 8 months, but became a success winning the right to fair employment.

Everyone that associated themselves with Larkin was taken back from his presence and the undeniable force that worked thru him to have the rights of the people heard and felt, regardless if you were in agreement with his arguments or not.

The Irish press might of been against James Larkin for what he was trying to accomplish, but at the end of it all passing away in 1947, he had many supporters and people who still even appreciate him to this day for his unselfishness and being of service to them!

Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

Graham Edwards Pushes Telereal Trillium to Success

Telereal Trillium Ltd is a commercial property management and investing company located in London, England. Graham Edwards has several wars of experience in the business and has been the chief executive officer since the beginning of the company in 2001. Graham is amazing at his job and has been at the lead of managing over 6,000 commercial properties to date.

Graham Edwards earned his influential degree in economics from Cambridge University in England. He has had the pleasure of working with many commercial properties all over the country ( With his education and experience, it makes perfect sense for him to join the lead at Telereal Trillium. He has helped manage some hugely impressive companies including the well known Department for Work and Pensions. His skill set is truly inspiring and has lead to major success for the company.


Affiliated Organizations

There are several well known boards and committees throughout England and Graham is a proud member on many of them. He is well suited in the world of negotiations and investments with an impressive portfolio. He is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Professionals and is on the commutation the UK Society of Investment Professionals. In 2004, Graham lead negotiations for a largely profitable acquisition with Land Securities Group Plc. This deal brought Graham and Telereal Trillium Ltd much recognition within the industry.

King’s College London was pleased to have him as Graham went back to school to earn a master’s degree in International Relations. This degree would focus on the foreign affairs within the Middle East. Graham shows how to advance your education and to never take for granted education’s positive impact on business.

When Graham isn’t earning Telereal major annual revenue, he has several interests including the water industry, engineering and real estate. He is also a well respected philanthropist, always looking to give back to communities across the country. For more information about Graham Edwards, be sure to take a look at his online profiles. The Telereal company website will shed more light on the company’s next big move within the industry.


Telereal Trillium Makes News with Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards has been in the property management field for years in London, England and has an extensive portfolio. He is currently the chief executive officer at Telereal Trillium Ltd since 2001. Telereal is a commercial property management and investment company making major headway in their field thanks to Graham Edwards (Relationshipscience).

Graham has worked for many companies all over England and his name is well known for very good reason. He has an impressive degree in economics from the prestigious Cambridge University and excelled in his studies. He was formerly working with an asset management company in England and worked hard to garner much success for them. He was in charge of management of the Department for Work and Pensions and other large buildings.

The Association of Corporate Treasurers is one of the business boards and committees that Graham is a member of. His portfolio has also earned his a place at the UK Society of Investment Professionals and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. In addition, Graham is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors with strong connections.

What makes Graham great in his field his is skill at taking calculated risks. In 2004, Graham led negotiations with the well known Land Securities Group Plc. In these acquisitions, Graham was able to generate £1 billion in revenue. He has a long track record for success and things keep getting better for the businessman.

Graham has several interests including engineering and water. He has a love for education and foreign affairs as he went on to obtain a master’s degree with a focus on International Relations from King’s College London. This degree will specifically concentrate on affairs in the Middle East.

When he’s not making his company millions in revenue, Graham is using his philanthropic views to make the world a better place. Graham Edwards is definitely the man to watch for all those interested in the commercial property management and investment industry. The Telereal Trillium website has more information on the man behind the company and it certainly worth taking a look.


How Graham Edwards Brain Works in Favor for Telereal Trillium

Graham Edwards makes investing in London, England look like a breeze. As the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium Ltd since 2001, Graham has been the driving force behind the success of the company. Telereal Trillium Ltd is a commercial property management and investment company located in England making major waves within the industry (

Earning an economics degree from Cambridge University, Graham applies all of his knowledge and expertise in guaranteeing company profits. Before joining Telereal, Graham was a chief investment officer at an asset management business in England. The skills he gained there were applied to his role at Telereal and he earned a billion dollar contract to manage buildings. These large buildings included the Department for Work and Pensions amongst others.


Background of Graham Edwards

Graham attended Cambridge University where he earned a degree in economics. He showed a drive and expertise in the field from early on and was easily a top candidate to join prestigious business circles throughout England. He is appreciated in such committees as the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and the UK Society of Investment Professionals.

During acquisitions in 2004, Graham was able to separate Telereal Trillium from the Land Securities Group Plc. This huge transaction confirmed Telereal’s role as an authority in property investments and outsourcing. Generating over £1 billion every year in revenue, Graham’s leadership qualities are worth emulating.

In addition to property management, Graham enjoys the fields of water and engineering, and real estate. He also went back to school to obtain a master’s degree in International Relations in the War Studies Department with a concentration on the Middle East.

As if his business success weren’t enough, Graham has a genuine love for humanity enjoys giving back as a philanthropist. He is a member of the British Friends of the Hebrew University and One Voice Europe.

Graham Edwards is someone who can inspire many other people looking towards a career in the property management industry. He has a proven track record for success with a drive to make a difference in the world with his philanthropic work


How Telereal Trillium Cause Major Effect in UK Thanks to Graham Edwards

Telereal Trillium has been on the radar of many people in the business world as a property management and investment firm to trust. Since its start on 2001, Graham Edwards has been at the forefront of its success as the chief executive officer. He has single handedly brought in large amounts of revenue for the company and made a name for himself at the same time.

Telereal Trillium stands out in the business world thanks to the smart business moves of Graham. He received a degree in economics from the prestigious Cambridge University in England and has worked for some pretty impressive companies. He has been able to generate large sums of money for each of these companies, earning him much recognition. He brought this same knowledge to his current position with Telereal (Glassdoor).

He made news with his negotiations with a company named Land Securities Group Plc. He was able to separate from the company and make billions in the process. This is a man who understands how to make calculated risks with his advanced knowledge of economics. He is without a doubt someone you want managing your property and your money.

Graham Edwards believes in advancing his education and is enrolled in King’s College London to earn his master’s in International Relations. The focus of his studies in on the Middle East and foreign relations. In business, it’s important to stay abreast of new information and trends. This approach has earned Graham a seat on many business boards throughout England including the Institute for Chartered Accountants.

When Graham isn’t making a ton of money for Telereal, he spends time reading about water and engineering as well as real estate. For more information on Graham and his company, be sure to take a look at Telereal’s website or visit


Graham Edwards’ secrete to success

Every leader has a secrete to his success. For some it is their discipline, for some it is their attention to detail and for others their people skills. Regardless of what their secret is, their success is as a result of them banking on their unique strengths. Graham Edwards is the current CEO of Telereal Trillium (Glassdoor). He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he studied economics. This has played a great part in his success. It has given him the academic knowledge needed for him to hold the positions he has held.

Graham Edwards’ desire for growth has been his secrete for success. There is no position that he has held and left it like he found it. When he was appointed the CEO of Telereal in 2001, the first major milestone he achieved was a transaction that saw Telereal acquire properties worth over 2 billion pounds from BT ( This was an expansion for Telereal. It meant the company was now worth much more and the profits went through the roof. As of 2009, Graham has lead the company to a point of making over a billion in one financial year. This was made possible by the acquisition of Tirilium from its former owners.

It is this desire to always be on the move that has made him one of the best in his field. He inspires his employees to do as he does; grow. He aims to better what he is already good at every single day. Because of this, he has seen Telereal Trillium be one of the best companies of its kind in the world.

Graham Edwards is also a philanthropist. Instead of focusing on his success alone, Mr Edwards takes time to consider other people’s welfare as well. He is not only a giver at heart but also encourages his peers to get into philanthropy. He is on the board of many philanthropic boards such as One Voice Europe, British Friends of the Hebrew University and Pennies. Using his position in these boards, he has inspired many to give towards the needy in the society and has given millions of his own fortune to see the course of these organizations through.


Graham Edwards: A Striving Executive

Graham Edwards is the current CEO of Telereal Trillium Ltd, a company that specializes in managing properties being used for commercial purposes. The firm is also providing services that assist investors and individual who are interested in trading. Telereal Trillium Ltd is presently headquartered in London, and Graham Edwards is dedicated to transforming the company into one of the most valuable British firms.


Result Driven Company

Telereal Trillium Ltd started Trillium in 1997, and the founders of the company wanted to see how their business would grow so they watched and observed if other firms would develop an interest partnering with them. By the year 2000, Land Securities posted an interest in purchasing Trillium, and the founders agreed and signed the deal. The company had to go through a restructuring and rebranding procedure, resulting in its name change from Trillium to Telereal Trillium Ltd. Graham Edwards was also chosen to serve as the company’s new CEO, with the new management seeing him as one of the most capable individuals to lead. His competence has transformed Telereal Trillium Ltd through the years, and in the present, the company is doing great.

Under the leadership of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium Ltd managed to acquire additional properties. In a single transaction, Graham Edwards managed to close down a deal which gave Telereal Trillium Ltd thousands of additional properties under their control. The deal had to move more than 6,700 properties under the control of Telereal Trillium Ltd, and the total cost of all the properties is at £2.4 billion. It is one of the largest transactions ever made within the company, and Graham Edwards is proud to be a part of it.

The move was praised by the board of directors back at the company headquarters, and they believe that the skills and expertise of Graham Edwards would take the company to new heights. Currently, Graham Edwards is responsible for transactions worth billions of pounds. He is hoping that more similar operations can bel closed down in the future, and he is hoping that the Telereal Trillium Ltd would always be behind his back when dealing with large transactions.