Why End Citizens United Was Created

In 2010, the United States Supreme Court made a landmark ruling in favor of Citizens United. Citizens United is a political action committee known for promoting candidates that have unknown amounts of money typically donated from the super wealthy to buy their candidate into office for their own personal interests. The Supreme Court’s ruling decided that corporations are essentially people and are legally able to spend unknown amounts and untraceable money on political campaigns. This ruling basically allows for zero transparency. Wealthy people and special interests groups now can actually get away with buying candidates into office.

Obviously, with a ruling like this some people have concern. People who are in opposition against this ruling formed End Citizens United. End Citizens United was formed in 2015 to be a political action committee. This group favors principles belonging to the Democratic party. This organization works with people of the Democratic party who are trying to keep a balance with and eye on big money spending.

End Citizens United has one main goal. That goal is overturning this ruling and fighting against big money being apart of the American political system. The organization works to promote and elect candidates that support pro-reform. They work to raise relevance about big money spending in campaigns to a national level. They work with state governments to pass legislation that supports pro-reform candidates and responsible campaign spending. The PAC is sponsored by grassroots members that support the organization’s mission of bring honesty, fairness and transparency to campaign funding.

End Citizens United is located in the nation’s capital. The Washington, D.C. based political action committee has a leadership that is strong and skilled in politics. Tiffany Muller, Matt Burgess and Adam Borri. Tiffany is the president of the organization. Matt and Adam assist her in leadership with running operations and communications for the political action committee. The group is led with direction by a hoard of directors that consist of members of the group. These members are well respected for their knowledge and experience working with former political campaigns and their vast insight on the political system.

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