The Art of Cosmetic Surgery; Dr. Jennifer Walden.

 Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin, Texas by parents who were both medical professions. Jennifer’s father was a dentist while the mother was a surgical nurse. Jennifer studied at Anderson High School before later on joining the University of Texas where she obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology. Jennifer worked further on to earn an MD from the University of Texas then.

Jennifer has been in the field of medicine having specialized in plastic surgery for over eight years. Jennifer mainly has her focus on cosmetic surgery where she offers a wide range of services ranging from breast augmentations to eyelid lifts. The American Board of Plastic Surgery has certified dr. Jennifer. Walden also has a private practice where she works at Westlake Medical Center located in Austin, Texas.

Men dominate the field of cosmetic plastic surgery as of the 8100 board certified professions only 851 doctors are women, Dr. Jennifer has led the group of women doctors in showing that women can also prosper in that field. Currently, there are only 12 cosmetic plastic surgeons who are living in Texas. One of the major reason why women are less in surgery is that of the dedication that is required to qualify.

A person would need at least seven years to become a certified surgeon. Seven years for a woman is a lot as she has to delay bearing children. In addition to that, the culture concerning surgery is rough for women just as a woman on Wall Street this makes women like Dr. Jennifer Walden who are in practice to have to prove themselves yearly.

Dr. Walden after her residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, she obtained the fellowship in the art of aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Medical Centre where she later went on to work at the Upper East Side of New York for over seven years following the end of her fellowship. Jennifer returned to Austin after the birth of her twins where she opened up her private practice which has seen her be names among the best plastic surgeons in America by American way.

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