Jason Hope Believes Aging Research Is Critical For Humanity:

A fact of the modern world is that there are numerous health problems and diseases that people face. Ranging from minor conditions to life-threatening ones, disease and health issues have huge effects on communities. While these conditions are important to pay careful attention to, the most universal of all health issues that affect all of humankind is commonly ignored or forgotten about by health organizations and individual people. This health issue is aging.

Aging has always been seen as inevitable and unstoppable. Disease also becomes more common as people age. These conditions reduce the person’s quality of life, often significantly. Conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer all become much more common with age. Coping with the symptoms of these conditions is where traditional medicine has focussed its attention on these matters.

Jason Hope, an Arizona philanthropist is looking to see that research is done to change this common approach. Jason is seeking to help the people of the world live longer by reversing aging. He is donating large amounts of his own funds to help with the groundbreaking research that is necessary to fulfil this mission. Jason Hope supports SENS Foundation. SENS is a charitable organization that works on the problem of aging. In 2010, Jason Hope made his first donation to SENS in the amount of $500 thousand. SENS excels at using biotechnology to find new ways to treat and prevent disease and improve life for the human race. SENS also actively gives funding to research organizations with promising findings. The organization has contributed funding to prestigious institutions such as Cambridge, Harvard, and the University of Arizona.

Aubrey de Grey is chief science officer and the leader at SENS. He co-founded the organization eight years ago and is a major pioneer in the research of anti-aging. Aubrey was raised in London and studied at Cambridge. He holds a PhD in biology from Cambridge as of the year 2000. Sens operates a group of labs where it performs medical research. The organization also has an outreach to help educate the public and public policy makers about the causes of aging. The organization’s office is located in Mountain View, California.

Jason Hope supports SENS because he wants to give money to a research group that is breaking from convention and work to permanently stop the illnesses that contribute to aging. He believes that this research is critical for humanity.

About Jason Hope : www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope